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Shadow Scale // Review


I am a huge fan of dragon books. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m Welsh, but whatever the reason, I’ve always loved dragons and books about dragons. Whether they’re good dragons, bad dragons, dragons who turn into people, people who ride dragons. Whatever.

Just give me all the books about dragons.

So, obviously, when I read Seraphina by Rachel Hartman, I fell in love.

It had dragons and they turned into humans. It had an uneasy truce between dragons and humans. It had half-dragons. It had the most beautiful descriptions of music. It had the adorableness that was Seraphina and Kiggs.

This month, I finally got around to reading its sequel, Shadow Scale. I’d been putting it off for ages (why? I have no idea), and so it was a treat to finally revisit the world of Seraphina. Was it worth the wait? Yes, definitely, but then it wasn’t quite as good as the first book. Here are my thoughts, in a neat little list.

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