Looking Back: June

Looking Back June.png

What can I say about June? Well, my university summer holidays have started, so that’s pretty great. There was that mini heatwave, which was amazing and I genuinely felt like I was in Italy or something. I did a huge amount of cross-stitch, which felt so good. Oh, and I read some fantastic books, which I can’t wait to share with you!


War And Peace Lord of Shadows.png

Our Dark Duet The Four Swans.png

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Looking Back: May

Looking Back May.png

I’m done with my third year of university! Honestly, I’m still not used to being able to say that. I can’t believe that I’ve only got one year left! (Well, unless I failed this year and have to retake or something….) Anyway, May for me was filled with revision and exams. However, I did get to do some fun stuff – I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (it was fabulous), went to a Eurovision party (of course), and helped out at a bike race. So May actually ended up being pretty good, considering all the exams that happened!

May 2017 Part 1

May 2017 Part 2

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Looking Back: April

Looking Back April.png

It’s almost summer!! It’s only a few more weeks until I’m done with third year (which is exciting and also terrifying because it means I graduate next year). How’s my April been? Well, most of it was lovely – Easter holidays, church holiday, barn dances, games nights – but there was the matter of coursework, class tests, and revision. Overall though, April has been fantastic.


The Hate U Give Orangeboy

A Quiet Kind of Thunder Chasing the Stars

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Looking Back: March

Looking Back March.png

What a month! I didn’t have high expectations for March, but it turned into a pretty awesome month. I’ve celebrated three friends’ birthdays (there was a lot of food involved), I’ve visited uni friends, I cheered people on at a half marathon (no, I didn’t take part myself – that will never happen), I’ve been to a fashion museum, I saw Beauty and the Beast, and I found out that McDonalds has a Welsh option on their self service machines IN ENGLAND. (Shh, this was a major revelation for me – much excitement happened). And the weather has suddenly turned gorgeous!

books-boughtRejected Princesses Seven Days of You.png

Sea Life Hurts.png

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December 2014 Round Up

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! (Yes, I know it’s been 2015 for a week already, but I thought I’d say it anyway). December was a weird month – I barely posted anything until the last few days of the month, so this is going to be a pretty short round up. The main reasons I wasn’t posting were a) lots of uni stuff going on, and b) CHRISTMAS. Which was awesome. But yeah, round up time.

I posted a grand total of 2 reviews in December. Yep, two. They were My True Love Gave To Me and The HitMy True Love Gave To Me was a really great Christmas read with some really good short stories. The Hit was also surprisingly better than expected, because spies/assassins/missions etc. I also posted One Day Moretalking about my uni experience so far, my resolutions for 2015 and part 1 of my end of year survey.

And that was my December. Very empty, I know. Here’s to January being full of a lot more blogging! (And sadly, five exams).

How was the end of 2014 for you?