Looking Back: April

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It’s almost summer!! It’s only a few more weeks until I’m done with third year (which is exciting and also terrifying because it means I graduate next year). How’s my April been? Well, most of it was lovely – Easter holidays, church holiday, barn dances, games nights – but there was the matter of coursework, class tests, and revision. Overall though, April has been fantastic.


The Hate U Give Orangeboy

A Quiet Kind of Thunder Chasing the Stars

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My Dream Bookish Panel

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Have you ever thought about your dream author panel? Which authors would be there? What they would be speaking about?

Personally, I’d never considered this before but then Eventbrite inspired me to put together my dream author panel, and I couldn’t resist taking part!

However, I couldn’t just stick to one panel – I have far too many favourite authors for that! I went a little over the top and came up with five panels instead (I mean, I started off with about ten, so really you’re lucky that I cut it down). Like I said, I have way too many favourite authors.


Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J. Maas & V. E. Schwab

My favourite genre has to be fantasy, so clearly my ultimate book panel would be dedicated to it. And these three authors are all incredible (although I think V. E. Schwab is my favourite of the three). I’d love to hear about how they came up with their fantasy worlds.

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My Favourites of the Fandoms


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful book blog The Broke and the Bookish, and is a chance for bloggers to get insanely excited about books!

I was a massive fangirl at school. I watched everything, I’d go on tumblr and fangirl about my favourite shows/books/films, and fandoms were a popular topic of conversation at school.

Then I got to university and suddenly had no time to do anything, so I watch far less stuff nowadays. Which I’m actually really happy about, because it means I can concentrate on my favourites! Speaking of favourites, I’m going to share my favourite fandoms with you today for top ten tuesday, and I’d love to hear what your favourites are!



So what’s my favourite tv show ever? It has to be Merlin. I’ve loved this show ever since it first aired, and I have yet to stop enjoying it. I’m in the middle of rewatching it for the millionth time (although I haven’t managed to rewatch those final two episodes yet because the pain just isn’t worth it).

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Seven Days of You // Review


I was majorly excited about Seven Days of You. I actually bought it without reading a single review or even hearing anything about it because it sounded so good. I mean, it’s a whirlwind romance set in Tokyo, and it sounded like exactly the kind of read that I wanted.

And I did enjoy it. Sure, there were a few things that annoyed me, but overall the cute romance and the setting won me over. And also all the food. SO MUCH FOOD.

A brief summary: Sophia is a girl who’s moved around a lot in her life, and having been in Tokyo for the past few years, is now moving back to the US. But then her former friend Jamie turns up in Tokyo the week before she leaves, which brings back a load of (not completely unwelcome) feelings. Cue adventures in Tokyo!

Cecilia Vinesse - Seven Days of You

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Looking Back: March

Looking Back March.png

What a month! I didn’t have high expectations for March, but it turned into a pretty awesome month. I’ve celebrated three friends’ birthdays (there was a lot of food involved), I’ve visited uni friends, I cheered people on at a half marathon (no, I didn’t take part myself – that will never happen), I’ve been to a fashion museum, I saw Beauty and the Beast, and I found out that McDonalds has a Welsh option on their self service machines IN ENGLAND. (Shh, this was a major revelation for me – much excitement happened). And the weather has suddenly turned gorgeous!

books-boughtRejected Princesses Seven Days of You.png

Sea Life Hurts.png

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Are Star Ratings Even That Useful?

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We’ve all been there, right? You’ve finished a book, you’ve logged onto goodreads and marked it as read, and then you get stuck. Why? Because you have no clue what rating to give the book you’ve just read! Was it three stars? Was it four? Was it somewhere in between?

But my question to you today is, do these ratings actually mean anything? And do we really find them useful?

Let me elaborate. I like star ratings. I like having an overview of the books I’ve read in the course of year by seeing their star ratings. It gives me a good sense of what sort of reading year I’ve had. (And also I just like having reading stats…)

But I think the issue with star ratings is that my ratings probably mean something completely different to yours. Sure, our five stars are probably very similar – “that book was absolutely amazing and I want to shove it in everyone’s face!!”. I’d imagine that our one star rating is similar too – “why did I even read that? that was a terrible book”. But what about the ratings in between? WHAT DOES A THREE STAR RATING EVEN MEAN?

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The Invisible Library // Review


First things first, isn’t The Invisible Library a great title? Just those three words got me excited about reading this book! But what exactly is The Invisible Library about? Well, it’s got librarians, alternate universes, book thieves, magic, steampunk and dragons. There’s a lot going on in this book.

The book tells the story of Irene, a librarian who winds up trying to steal a book which a lot of other people are after (including fae, detectives, and other librarians). Did I mention that Irene is no normal librarian? You see, she’s from a library that exists between universes which essentially preserves unique copies of books from the different worlds. So basically Irene is a librarian/thief/time traveller.


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