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Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

I’m totally jumping on the bandwagon of doing this tag (and was very much inspired to do it by Cait @ Paper Fury), because I can’t believe it’s already June, that I’m done with uni, and that I actually have to get on with real life now! So why not procrastinate a bit more by joining in with this tag?


How Much I’ve Read

So far this year I’ve read 20 books (which is a lot less than usual, thanks to a crazy amount of university work). Also, seven of those were read this month, so I think that just shows how little I was reading while I was studying!

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been reading a nice mix of contemporary and fantasy, with these being some of my favourite so far this year.

Obsidio || Save The Date || A Thousand Perfect Notes || Children of Blood and Bone

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Hamilton Book Tag

I originally came across this tag at The Lovely Pages Reviews, and then I got tagged by Victoria at Carton-Manette-Darnay a couple of days later, so I couldn’t resist doing taking part (because I am way too obsessed with Hamilton).

However, I got sidetracked and delayed writing this post for a few months… But we’re not going to talk about that! Instead, let’s talk about Hamilton. If you have yet to hear about this wonderful musical, all you need to know is that it tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, it’s hip-hop, and it’s written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, an absolute genius. Seriously, just go and listen to the soundtrack right now.

Anyway, on with the tag!

Credit goes to UponThePages

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The Ultimate Book Tag

I was tagged to do the ultimate book tag by Rachel @ Confessions of a Book Geek back in, umm, March (which totally wasn’t almost a year ago…). But I’ve had this in my drafts for a while so I figured I should actually post it! You can check our her post here.

1. Do you get sick while reading in the car?

If I’m reading a physical book, I can manage about ten minutes of reading and then I remember that it makes me feel ill. However, I can read on my nook without any problems. So I guess the answer is sometimes.

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Gif Tag – Reviewing Books

A while ago, I was tagged by Rachel @ Confessions of a Book Geek to do the Gif Tag. Thank you for the tag! Basically, in this tag, the person who tagged you gives you a list of books and all you have to do is “review them” with one gif and one sentence. Then, you tag people and leave them a list of ten books. This could be very interesting.

1. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover


I have no clue what this book is about, although it might be new adult?

2. Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Love being a disease and people falling in love anyway.

3. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire


Umm, never heard of it…

4. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare


Far too many feelings from this book!

5. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

why emotions


6. Tease by Amanda Maciel


I don’t know this one either, I’m sorry.

7. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


Umm, yeah, haven’t read it.

8. PS I Love You by Cecilia Ahern



9. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot


I have so much love for this book.

10. Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

scared-amy-eleven-roryTHAT ENDING!

My list of books for the people I tag are:

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Code Name Verity by Eliabeth Wein

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

And I Tag


Seriously, if you want to do it, go ahead. I’ve no idea who to tag, so I tag EVERYBODY!


20 Things (You Probably Didn’t Know) About Me Tag

I was tagged by Rachel @ Confessions of a Book Geek to do the 20 Things (You Probably Didn’t Know) About Me Tag. Thank you, Rachel! I’ve been tagged for a few things recently so I’m slowly trying to catch up on all of that. So, here are things you probably don’t know about me.

1. How tall are you?

About 5 foot 10 I think. I rather like being that height.

2. Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?

Hmmm. Is the fact that I play the flute a “hidden talent”? I’ll use it anyway. I play flute and I’m grade 7. I’ve been playing since I was 7, so that’s 12 years now!

3. What’s your biggest blogging related pet-peeve?

Having to do one of those captcha things when you’re trying to comment. It’s so annoying and sometimes I close the page before I notice and then the comment is lost and I have to go through the whole process again. It’s definitely one the things that annoys me most when I’m blogging.

4. What’s your biggest non-blogging related pet-peeve?

Oooh, that’s actually kind of hard to answer! I’m going to say people walking really slowly around town when I’m doing Christmas shop. It’s the best I can come up with right now, because it’s a real pain.

5. What’s your favourite song?

What? How can I even choose one? I don’t understand! However, I will try. Here are a couple of songs I’ve fallen in love with recently. And, none of them will be instrumental (because I’m in love with too many soundtracks). So, here are some songs that I love.

 There are so many more that I could add but here are just a few that I love listening too.

6. What’s your favourite Etsy shop?

Cara’s Bookish Charms has such nice jewellery, and it’s all book related too. Everything is so pretty!

7. What’s your favourite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?

Obviously, reading. But otherwise, I really, really love cross-stitching while watching the telly. The current design I’m working on is a dragon, and it’s basically what I’ve been doing whilst catching up on Arrow (I’m near the end of series 2 – it’s so good!)

8. What’s your favourite junk food?

Chocolate? Does that count? I’m pretty sure it does. I’m saying chocolate.

9. Do you have pets?

Yep! I have two cats, Sooty and Zorro. They’re seven and five years old. At least, I think that’s how old they are.

This is Sooty.
This is Zorro. He’s learnt a lot from Sooty.
And these are them together. They like sitting on top of each other.

10. What are your favourite fiction and non-fiction books?

How do I choose? I have far too many favourites! However, one of the books I’ve loved since I was little was Dragonfly. There are so many more on my favourites list though. Have a look at my five stars tag. I’m not sure I have a non-fiction favourite though.

11. What are your favourite beauty products?

I don’t really wear any beauty products, so I have any favourites. I’m sure my sister could list some forever though.

12. When were you last embarrassed?

Umm, I can’t think of a time recently. You know how embarrassing memories stay in your head for ages and you can never stop thinking about them? But the moment you want to think of one, you can’t? Yeah, that’s what’s going on in my head right now.

13. If you could drink one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hot chocolates. Definitely. But specifically, either orange hot chocolates or tiramisu hot chocolate. My parents bought me the second for Christmas and it’s amazing! I love it.

14. What’s your favorite movie?

So many favourite questions. How am I meant to choose?? Still, at the moment, it’s Tangled. I’m the sort of person who’s favourite movie becomes the one I’ve most recently seen, but then I always go back to Tangled. Always.

15. What were you in high school? Jock, geek, cheerleader etc.

A total geek. So were my friends though, and we happily enjoyed our geekiness.

16. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Italy. I’ve been there before and it’s so lovely. Ooh, or maybe Germany! It’s so nice over there. Actually, I’m pretty happy in Wales though. Anywhere, it’s not too cold. Or too hot for that matter, which kind of rules out Italy.

17. PC or Mac?

PC, definitely. It’s what I’ve always had, and I’m not sure I could manage with a Mac.

18. Last romantic gesture from a crush/date/boyfriend?

Hahahaha! Hah. I’m single.

19. Favourite celeb?

Andrew Garfield. Aidan Turner. Emma Stone. Maggie Smith.

20. Which bloggers do you secretly want to be friends with.

ALL OF THEM! Seriously, everybody is so lovely in the community.

And so I’m going to tag anybody who wants to take part in this one. These questions are great, so if you want to join in, go ahead! And let me know in the comments.



Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


I was nominated by Rachel @ Confessions of a Book Geek to take part in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Thanks for tagging me, Rachel! I’m really behind on tags, so I’m slowly trying to catch up on them. Here we go!

1. Did you have a book that meant a lot to you as a child?

Well, apart from Harry Potter (which I grew up with), I really loved The Chronicles of Narnia, especially The Magician’s Nephew. I read it so many times when I was young, and I think what I liked was the magic of Narnia being created and discovered for the very first time. The whole series was amazing though, and the fact that we had (still have) the BBC version on dvd made it even better. (And if you haven’t seen that version, go and watch it. It’s so good!)

2. Is there any author or book that you collect, and will always welcome multiple editions of the same title?

When I was about thirteen I went through an Agatha Christie phase, and I don’t think I ever really left it! I have so many of her books (they fill up a whole shelf), but there are still a lot that I don’t own yet, and I’d happily own multiple copies of her books. Her work is fantastic!

3. Say you find yourself judging a book by it’s cover (not that we ever do that!!!); what sort of covers do you go for? Are there any that are an absolute turn off?

I’m not a huge fan of girls in floaty dresses; those covers are rather boring. I do really like illustrated covers though (*cough*Seraphina*cough*) and I’ll easily pick one of those up without knowing if the book is any good.

Rachel Hartman - Seraphina

4. If you could pick any imaginary animal to bring home to Mom with an earnest, “Can we keep him?”, what animal woul it be?

A dragon, every time. I mean, come on, I am Welsh! I’m thinking more Toothless than Smaug though, I’m not sure my parents would accept a dragon who would probably destroy the whole neighbourhood.


5. Is there any book to movie adaptation that you simply refuse to watch? No way, no how, you’re not even giving them the opportunity to mess up?

Hmm, I don’t usually avoid adaptations. However, I’m never watching Eragon again. They did horrible things to that book. Horrible!

6. What is the most unusual book you’ve ever read? (Plot, writing style, chapter layout, etc.)

We Were Liars. I haven’t read any other books in that sort of style, but I want to because I really liked it.

7. Is there any book or series that you’ve read that is totally outside of your normal genre, but you loved it and would recommend it to others as a “take a risk!” sort of book?

A few months ago, I would’ve named some contemporary book (like This Song Will Save Your Life), but I’ve gotten really into that genre since then, so I can’t really think of anything that’s out of my comfort zone.

8. Do you have any bookish collections, or anything you covet and hope to someday collect? Candles, artwork, bookcases?

Well, there’s my Agatha Christie collection, which I love. There are also my signed books (although I don’t have many as authors never visit Cardiff!) I’d love to have more signed books though.

My Agatha Christie collection
The really old ones

9. What book has been on your TBR pile the longest, but you just can’t convince yourself to pick it up?

I’ve owned a copy of Tithe for ages, but I just haven’t started it yet. I think it’s partly that the cover has a really weird texture so I don’t like holding it for very long.

10. You get a $500 gift card for all things bookish – do you run to your nearest bookstore and spend like a fiend? Or do you create pro/con lists (a la Rory Gilmore) to make sure you get just the right & perfect & wonderful bookish things? Or are you eyeing a particularly expensive bookcase somewhere?

I’d happily spend all that money on books, but not in one go. I think I’d buy some nice editions of books too, like those really pretty Jane Austen hardbacks. And some bookish things would be on the list too – a couple of tshirts, and maybe a necklace?

I’m going to tag these bloggers to answer the same questions as I did, because they’re really interesting ones (and I’m terrible at making up my own questions!)

Chrissi @ Chrissi Reads

Natalie @ Natflix and Books

Vlora @ Reviews And Cake


Tag: Book Blogger Confessions

Book Blogger Confessions

I was tagged to take part in the Book Blogger Confessions tag by Andie at The Book Heap! Thank you!

Which book most recently did you not finish?

Jeffe Kennedy - The Mark of the Tala

I don’t often not finish books, but I think the last book I didn’t finish was The Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy.

Which book is your guilty pleasure?

Possibly chick lit? I don’t think I really have a guilty pleasure when it comes to books!

Which book do you love to hate?

Anything with vampires that I didn’t enjoy. Because they always have the most ridiculous storylines (The Vampire Diaries, anyone?) and a whole lot of instalove.

Which book would you throw into the sea?

Why would I throw a book into the sea?

Which book have you read the most?

Julia Golding - Dragonfly

It has to be Dragonfly by Julia Golding, which I’ve loved since I was about ten.

Which book would you hate to receive as a present?

Anything that counts as paranormal YA because I’m fed up of it now, and nothing ever seems to be different.

Which book could you not live without?

This is a hard one! The Book Thief and Code Name Verity come to mind, and the Harry Potter series of course.

Which book made you the angriest?

Wilbert Stanton - The Artful

The Artful by Wilbert Stanton. I got so annoyed with one of the main characters and I had to keep stopping while reading the book because of the horrible things he says.

Which book made you cry the most?

A lot of books have made me cry a lot, but recently that would my reread of The Book Thief.

Which book cover do you hate the most?

I can’t think of any book covers I particularly hate, but I’m fed up of seeing girls in long dresses on covers.

I’m not tagging anybody because I have no idea who to tag, but feel free to join in!