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Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

I’m totally jumping on the bandwagon of doing this tag (and was very much inspired to do it by Cait @ Paper Fury), because I can’t believe it’s already June, that I’m done with uni, and that I actually have to get on with real life now! So why not procrastinate a bit more by joining in with this tag?


How Much I’ve Read

So far this year I’ve read 20 books (which is a lot less than usual, thanks to a crazy amount of university work). Also, seven of those were read this month, so I think that just shows how little I was reading while I was studying!

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been reading a nice mix of contemporary and fantasy, with these being some of my favourite so far this year.

Obsidio || Save The Date || A Thousand Perfect Notes || Children of Blood and Bone

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Looking Back: June

Looking Back June.png

What can I say about June? Well, my university summer holidays have started, so that’s pretty great. There was that mini heatwave, which was amazing and I genuinely felt like I was in Italy or something. I did a huge amount of cross-stitch, which felt so good. Oh, and I read some fantastic books, which I can’t wait to share with you!


War And Peace Lord of Shadows.png

Our Dark Duet The Four Swans.png

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Looking Back: May

Looking Back May.png

I’m done with my third year of university! Honestly, I’m still not used to being able to say that. I can’t believe that I’ve only got one year left! (Well, unless I failed this year and have to retake or something….) Anyway, May for me was filled with revision and exams. However, I did get to do some fun stuff – I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (it was fabulous), went to a Eurovision party (of course), and helped out at a bike race. So May actually ended up being pretty good, considering all the exams that happened!

May 2017 Part 1

May 2017 Part 2

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Looking Back: April

Looking Back April.png

It’s almost summer!! It’s only a few more weeks until I’m done with third year (which is exciting and also terrifying because it means I graduate next year). How’s my April been? Well, most of it was lovely – Easter holidays, church holiday, barn dances, games nights – but there was the matter of coursework, class tests, and revision. Overall though, April has been fantastic.


The Hate U Give Orangeboy

A Quiet Kind of Thunder Chasing the Stars

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Looking Back: March

Looking Back March.png

What a month! I didn’t have high expectations for March, but it turned into a pretty awesome month. I’ve celebrated three friends’ birthdays (there was a lot of food involved), I’ve visited uni friends, I cheered people on at a half marathon (no, I didn’t take part myself – that will never happen), I’ve been to a fashion museum, I saw Beauty and the Beast, and I found out that McDonalds has a Welsh option on their self service machines IN ENGLAND. (Shh, this was a major revelation for me – much excitement happened). And the weather has suddenly turned gorgeous!

books-boughtRejected Princesses Seven Days of You.png

Sea Life Hurts.png

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Looking Back: February


Happy St. David’s Day! I’m planning on eating as many Welsh cakes as possible – I just need to decide whether I make traditional ones or if I go for chocolate chips. Thoughts? It’s so strange that February’s already over though. It’s been so good, I didn’t want it to end. I went on the most fantastic student weekend away with church plus there was the CU February events week to get involved with – which ended up being an incredible week! And how can I not mention pancakes?


February 2017 Part 2.png

February 2017 Part 1.png


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Looking Back: October

Looking Back.png

Autumn has arrived, and it’s made me so happy. I love watching the trees change colour and walking around in warm coats and snuggling up in a blanket. Autumn’s the best! Plus autumn means I’ve been back at uni for a month, which has been great (although I’m already super busy with uni work).

Books Read

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Looking Back: September

Looking Back.png

It’s officially autumn, and it couldn’t have come any sooner. It is by far my favourite time of year, and I love going outside and seeing everything change colour. The world looks so pretty! Autumn also means university, which I’m super excited about. My lectures start this on Monday and so far they look like they’ll be interesting. It’ll definitely be nice getting into the swing of lectures again.

Books Read

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Looking Back: August

looking-back-augustI’m genuinely in shock that August is already almost over. Seriously, where did it go? I’m kind of glad though – I’m really looking forward to my summer holiday ending and getting to go back to university in a couple of weeks. I’ve actually missed studying! (How weird is that?)

Books Read

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