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Seven Days of You // Review


I was majorly excited about Seven Days of You. I actually bought it without reading a single review or even hearing anything about it because it sounded so good. I mean, it’s a whirlwind romance set in Tokyo, and it sounded like exactly the kind of read that I wanted.

And I did enjoy it. Sure, there were a few things that annoyed me, but overall the cute romance and the setting won me over. And also all the food. SO MUCH FOOD.

A brief summary: Sophia is a girl who’s moved around a lot in her life, and having been in Tokyo for the past few years, is now moving back to the US. But then her former friend Jamie turns up in Tokyo the week before she leaves, which brings back a load of (not completely unwelcome) feelings. Cue adventures in Tokyo!

Cecilia Vinesse - Seven Days of You

To start off, I’m going to squeal about the fact that this is set in Japan. I’m 99% confident that this is the first contemporary I’ve read set in Asia. (I’m really disappointed with myself that that’s true though – I really need to diversify my reading). Anyway, it meant that this book was full of Japanese food and places, which was fab. I also had to do a lot of googling though, because a lot of the time I had no clue what the characters were referring to. But this was mostly a good thing, because learning about other countries is really interesting (although I did get distracted from the book sometimes). 

The book is about the international students in Tokyo, which again is a topic I haven’t read all that much about. (I’m thinking Anna and the French Kiss is the only other similar thing I’ve read?) It was fascinating see how these kids’ lives work (and how different their upbringing is compared to mine because they are travelling around a lot).

Our main character is Sophia, who I really liked, and I getting to know her throughout the book. I also really liked her friendship with Mika, and her relationship with Jamie. It just felt so realistic (and her and Jamie were far too cute). But, when it came to her relationships, I just didn’t get the Sophia/Mika/David friendship. David is a guy who Sophia has fancied since forever, and is one of Mika’s best friends. But I just couldn’t bring myself to like him at all – he’s an idiot for the entire book. And I get fancying someone, but I don’t get why Sophia still fancied him after three/four years of being friends with him? Surely she’d have realised that he was an idiot by then?

I do want to point out though, despite the fact that Sophia likes David, there isn’t a love triangle. So that’s all good.

The other relationship I really liked was Sophia and her sister – I loved the way they came to understand each other and again, it all felt so real.

However Sophia did seem a lot younger than seventeen. That was probably partly down to all the high school drama that was going on. It felt like too much drama, especially considering that it all took place in a week.

But my overall thoughts? A quick, cute contemporary with a beautiful setting, so if that’s what you’re in the mood for right now, I’d recommend it.

Have you read Seven Days of You? What did you think? Any recommendations of similar types of books?


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