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Looking Back: March

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What a month! I didn’t have high expectations for March, but it turned into a pretty awesome month. I’ve celebrated three friends’ birthdays (there was a lot of food involved), I’ve visited uni friends, I cheered people on at a half marathon (no, I didn’t take part myself – that will never happen), I’ve been to a fashion museum, I saw Beauty and the Beast, and I found out that McDonalds has a Welsh option on their self service machines IN ENGLAND. (Shh, this was a major revelation for me – much excitement happened). And the weather has suddenly turned gorgeous!

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This month was a great month for The Dragon Reader! finally got round to actually posting kind of regularly. I shared my thoughts on A Conjuring of Light (the best book ever), Traitor to the Throne (a great sequel but needed more Jin), The Bone Sparrow (absolutely heart-breaking), The Hammer of Thor (yay Riordan!) and The Invisible Library (stealing books from alternate universes is such a great idea).

I also got mega excited about Collabro’s new album! I really, really like it. As in, I will happily listen to it on repeat for hours.

I took part in a few top ten tuesdays, and shared my spring TBR (will I follow it? HA, as if!), as well as the books I’ve read in a day and some of the authors that I would love to meet.

AND I chatted about my favourite reading spots and if star ratings are actually all that

TV? I’ve been watching a little bit of Broadchurch series 3, but I’m a couple of weeks behind so please, no spoilers! I’m also watching OUAT (and am loving this series), but again, I’m a few episodes behind on that too.

Films? Oh, you know, just BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!! I’ve been waiting for this film since forever and I absolutely loved it. The new songs were fab, the sets and costumes were beautiful, and Luke Evans stole the show. I really wanted to clap after they sang “Gaston” because it was incredible!

And music? Well, as mentioned, I’m loving Collabro’s latest album – definitely go check it out if you like musicals even the tiniest little bit. To be honest, musicals have pretty much been my soundtrack to life this month, especially the songs from Singin’ in the Rain. I also love Samantha Barks’ album, and Barbara Streisand’s album where she duets with various people. (Her “Anything You Can Do” duet with Melissa McCarthy is perfect). And, of course, Moana has been featuring plenty!


I got reminded of this veggietales gem this month, and it made my day

Cait @ Paper Fury wrote a fab post on coming up with discussion posts

This post on just stopping and taking a moment to breathe from Abbiee @ Burning Youth

I’ve never fancied pop-tarts before, but this recipe for strawberry and white chocolate pop-tarts makes them sound amazing

I rediscovered Improv Everywhere and have spent way too much time rewatching my favourite videos

So that was my March in a nutshell, but how about you? What did you read? Any new books on your shelves?


3 thoughts on “Looking Back: March

  1. I saw Beauty and the Beast in March as well and I was completely blown away by it! The cast was perfect, the cinematography was stunning and the soundtrack was phenomenal! I loved everything about it! It definitely lived up to my high expectations! 🙂

    1. It was incredible! I remember I had the biggest smile on my face throughout the whole thing 😀

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