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One of the best things about reading is being able to curl up somewhere and getting comfy for a few hours, right? You can just totally lose yourself in a book and it’s world (until a sibling/flatmate/stranger decides to pester you for some unknown reason). I was thinking about some of my favourite places to read, and it got me wondering what your favourite places were too.

But of course, I’m going to share my favourites first. I can’t let you guys do all the hard work.

Reading Spots 1

My ideal reading spot? A cosy armchair by the fire, and maybe a hot chocolate next to me too. This pretty much describes where I’ll be over Christmas to a tee, and convincing me to move is not easy.

Reading Spots 2.png

On the flip side, I LOVE reading outdoors when it’s warm and sunny (not that I see much of that in the UK). I don’t know, there’s something about hearing birdsong and seeing families and friends enjoying the weather that’s so lovely, and reading in the park makes me feel like a part of it all. Plus I’m blessed with so many beautiful parks to spend time at while I’m at uni.

Reading Spots 3.png

Hear me out on this one! They might not be the most comfortable places to sit, but they’re perfect for reading. How else are you going to spend that twenty minutes? Stare at facebook or twitter? Look at the view? Nah, everyone knows the only option is to read a book.

Reading Spots 4.png

So this one is super cosy, but at the same time can be really painful? We’ve all been through the struggle of reading a hardback and accidentally dropping it on our faces because it was too heavy. So although I love snuggling up in bed to read, I can never quite get comfortable enough.

Reading Spots 5.png

So this one isn’t really a reading “spot”, but I had to include it. Reading on holiday is the best because there’s nothing to drag you away from reading (except perhaps ice cream). No responsibilities, just relaxing. It may not be a reading spot, but it’s the perfect time for reading.

So where do you enjoy reading? Are any of my favourites your favourites? And where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever read a book?


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