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Traitor to the Throne // Review


It’s no secret that I loved Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton (as my glowing review shows). I mean, why wouldn’t I? It has magic, guns, and sass (which, by the way, should probably be the tagline of the series). Not only that, but it also has fantastic worldbuilding, and also Jin i.e. the best character ever. So of course I was excited about reading Traitor to the Throne.

But did it live up to my expectations?

The answer: an enthusiastic yes! I devoured this book because of the plot, the characters, the world… Everything was fantastic, especially that ending. Man, I was stressed by the time I finished it.

Alwyn Hamilton - Traitor to the Throne.jpg


  • the rebellion crew – they were such a tight-knit group who had all the banter, and were so willing to give their lives for one another. And I thought their relationships were so realistic. I have all the love for these guys
  • fascinating characters – Amani, Jin, Shazad, Ahmed, Sam, Rahim, Imin, Shira, I loved them all, and felt like I knew them so well. Even the Sultan had a weird pull about him so that I couldn’t help to want to know more. I know some people thought there were too many characters to follow, but I didn’t find myself confused (apart from maybe a the beginning)
  • all the magic – so books that combine magic and guns are my favourite, and this one does it so well, plus all powers that the Demdji’s had were so cool
  • the plot twists – so I did guess a couple of things, but there were other parts that left me stunned
  • the “fairytaleish” chapters – I’m not too sure what to call these, but there were a few third person chapters scattered around to give an update on what was happening elsewhere and I really liked the writing in these bits


So I did love this book, but I still need to share a few quibbles and things which weren’t quite satisfying enough with you:

  • Jin did not make enough of an appearance – this is my main issue, and as Jin was my favourite in Rebel of the Sands, this was a pretty big problem. Was him disappearing all the time really necessary? I missed the sass
  • I want more world-building – so although I think the world-building is fab, I still want more, and this is just me being greedy. I mean, I don’t totally understand the geography of the world, so I don’t know, maybe a map would be handy?
  • (although supposedly the US edition has a map? Can anyone confirm this? Or maybe send me a picture?)

So sure, not everything was perfect about Traitor to the Throne, but I loved it anyway, and I’m eagerly awaiting book three.

Have you read Traitor to the Throne? What did you think? Were you disappointed by the lack of Jin too?


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