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Home // Collabro’s new album is FANTASTIC

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I’m only a little bit excited.

And by that, I mean super excited because I’ve been waiting for this album since they released Act Two back in 2015. And FINALLY, I’ve been able to listen to it.

What do I think of it? It’s perfect. And possibly my favourite album of the three?


I mean, I loved Stars, their first album, and I liked Act Two – although that one does make me feel pretty sad. But Home? It has the perfect mixture of upbeat and emotional – I’ve been listening to it on repeat in the library because I can’t get enough of it.

So what songs are on the album?

  1. This Is the Moment
  2. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
  3. Beauty and the Beast
  4. Til I Hear You Sing
  5. Send in the Clowns
  6. That’s Life
  7. Don’t Rain On My Parade
  8. Bui Doi
  9. December 1963 (Oh What a Night)
  10. Journey to the Past
  11. He Lives in You
  12. For Good
  13. Lighthouse

My favourites obviously include For Good and Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, and I also love Journey to the Past and He Lives in You. Also, Collabro’s first original song, Lighthouse, is on this album!! And I think it’s fab. But honestly, the whole album is great. They have amazing harmonies and I love their voices, and there are so many soaring moments in the songs.

And now I’m running off to listen to it all over again because I need more of it!

This album is definitely going to be on my favourites list for a very, very long time, and so if you like musicals at all, or even if you don’t, please go have a listen.

Are you a Collabro fan? Have you listened to Home? What did you think? Please tell me there are some other Collabro fangirls out there!


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