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My Favourite Hidden Gems of the Past Two Years


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful blog The Broke and Bookish, and is a chance for bloggers to fangirl about books in the form of lists!

This week’s topic is a freebie, and seeing as I missed out on doing last’s week topic, I thought I’d have a stab at it today. So, what were my hidden gems of 2016 and 2015? (I was totally just going to use books from last year, but then I realised most of my reads last year were pretty well-known…)


So I don’t really know many people who’ve read Seraphina? Despite the fact that it’s about dragons and half-dragons and music? And it has the cutest romance too. Plus the best friendships. And there are only two books, so there’s no tying yourself to a massive series that goes on and on and on. Also, it has beautiful writing. Please go read it!


This was one of my last reads of 2016 and I really loved it. It’s been a while since I’ve read any dystopians, so this was a welcome return to the genre. If you’re feeling a craving for a good dystopian, Flawed is definitely one to check out.


The Girl of Ink and Stars was children’s book of the month at Waterstones last year, so I couldn’t help but pick it up. This was such a beautiful and magical story, and it featured cartography! How can you resist a book about maps?


So, depending where you’re from, you may have read Romeo and Juliet at school. Personally, I studied it for GCSE English. And let’s be honest, studying something at school tends to leave us not really liking the book/play a huge amount. So why not look at Romeo and Juliet in new way? How about in the form of a choose-your-own-adventure book? Sure, sometimes the humour is a little childish in Romeo and/or Juliet, but on the whole this book is so much fun.


Obviously, Maggie Stiefvater’s books get a lot of love, especially The Raven Cycle (and they totally deserve that love, because they’re fantastic). But she has written other books, including The Wolves of Mercy Falls, and this is the fourth book about two of the side characters (i.e. my favourites). And for some reason, no one seems to mention these books, and especially not Sinner?


This is another one of those books where the author is really popular, but this series gets overlooked a little. I see people gushing about the Mistborn trilogy everywhere, but what about the follow up series guys? The Alloy of Law combines the incredible magic of the Mistborn books with guns and trains and automobiles and a slight “wild west” atmosphere sometimes. And Marasi is just the best character ever.


Ink and Bone didn’t seem to get much hype when it was released, despite the fact that it’s set in a world where the Library of Alexandria still existed. (Every booklover’s dream, right?) There’s such a great cast, and they’re all absolutely wonderful. Especially Khalila. Also Glain, due to her aggressive Welshness. And I have to mention Wolfe, who was the best part of the book.


The TV show is massive hit, but what about the books that inspired it? While reading Poldark, I was amazed at how faithful the show is to the books – it’s incredible! Also, reading the books means you don’t have to wait an agonising year between series’. If you’re fan of the show at all, I definitely recommend that you check out the books.

So, what were your hidden gems last year? And leave a link to your TTT in the comments so that I can come and visit!


12 thoughts on “My Favourite Hidden Gems of the Past Two Years

  1. Seraphina is one I’ve heard good things about, but never got to. I like the sound of the dragons, and also the music. I may have to get this one. 🙂

    1. I was so surprised when I saw Shadow Scale in shops! And then I ended up taking forever to actually read it.

    1. I really liked it – I’ve spent far too many hours trying to get to all the different endings (and I haven’t succeeded yet!) I hope you enjoy it 😀

    1. Ink and Bone was great! I mostly bought it for the cover, but ended up becoming slightly addicted. And you should definitely read Seraphina!

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