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Three Dark Crowns // Review


I remember reading the blurb for this one long before its release, and thought it sounded amazing. When I saw it at Waterstones, I eagerly picked it up and bought it almost straight away. I mean, it’s a story about three sisters whose only way to the throne is to kill the other two. They’re separated at the age of six and then each is trained in her particular gift, before they’re let loose to kill each other. How great does that sound?

Sadly, my expectations were wildly unfulfilled. Although there were parts that I really liked, most of it just wasn’t what I expected.


But hey, like I said, there were some good bits.

  • This book has a fab premise, and I loved the idea of the world – a mysterious island off the coast of the mainland, and the magical gifts bestowed on many of the islanders.
  • There were lots of lovely friendships, like Arsinoe x Jules, and Mirabella x Bree x Elizabeth. I liked the fact that they supported each other so much.
  • By the end of the book, I was pretty curious about the outcome.

So, I liked stuff, but…

What went wrong?

My main issue? I didn’t really connect to any of the queens. Which is kind of gutting when this book is all about the three of them competing against each other to win the throne. The whole thing gets a lot less interesting when you’re not rooting for anyone.

It probably didn’t help that there were so many characters either. This is a book where you really get thrown in the deep end. Not only are there three queens, but they’re in three different locations, and each has her own batch of characters to hang out with. So, yeah, it’s kind of confusing to start with.

Plus I found the plot pretty slow. Nothing really happened until the last quarter of the book. Let’s be honest, that’s not a great way to draw in a reader.

Finally, the world building was a bit off, despite the brilliance of the premise – I even had doubts as if it was set in a fantasy world, or if it was actually in a parallel of our world. I finished the book with so many questions: Why do all the people with the same gift live in the same place? How do they know which triplet has which gift at six years old? Who’s ruling while the three ‘queens’ are honing their powers? Why do I have so many questions???

So I had a few issues. I might end up picking up the second book though, because there is a part of me that’s very curious about what’s going to happen.

And I definitely recommend that you check out some other review for Three Dark Crowns, because I know a lot of people really enjoyed it.

Have you read Three Dark Crowns? What did you think? Which is your favourite sister? And which power would you choose: immune to poison, power over elements, or having a ‘familiar’?


2 thoughts on “Three Dark Crowns // Review

    1. I was really disappointed that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped. I’m still planning on carrying on with the series now – hopefully I’ll enjoy it more now that I know a bit about the world. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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