Where are the books set at uni?


I am a huge fan of YA. (You might have noticed, considering that this is a YA book blog and all). The thing is, while I’ve been at university, I’ve realised I want to read books about other people at uni. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on stopping reading YA – I just want to add a few other books into the mix.

This craving led to me googling things like “university books”, “books set at university”, and “books about students”, and I found a lot of lists. I added a couple of books to my TBR, but honestly? Most of the books on those lists aren’t really what I was looking for. I want something more like Rainbow Rowell’s “Fangirl”, rather than a literary classic.

Also, all the books on the lists were set at American colleges? What’s all that about? Have authors forgotten that the rest of the world have universities too? Where are my novels set in the UK that vaguely reflect my university experience?

Seriously though, if anyone has any recommendations, please throw them at me. I need good books about uni to read!

What do I want to see? Well, any of these would be good:

  • books about freshers meeting their flatmates, freshers who are crazy about drinking and freshers who aren’t
  • books about religious students keeping hold of their faith, students who find religion and students who lose it
  • books about students with mental health issues, because that is a huge issue at universities right now
  • books about staying in touch with your school friends, and not abandoning them for “new exciting uni friends”
  • books about finding amazing friends at uni, and feeling like you fit in for the first time
  • books about long distance relationships that actually work
  • books about the pressures of graduating and suddenly being a proper adult

Literally, any book that really shows what university is like. And ideally in a YA-ish style. Is that so much to ask?

Have you read any books set at university? Have you got any recommendations? Have you found that you want to read more books about people your own age?


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