What’s that? I’m leaving?

Yes, you did indeed read that correctly. I’m leaving! Or more precisely, I’m leaving A World of Reviews because, as you may have noticed, my blog has had a bit of a redesign. I’d like to officially welcome you to The Dragon Reader.

But Elen, why have you changed? Well, dear reader, that is a good question. There are a few reasons, so I shall give you an adorable little list:

  • I started this blog on a whim three years ago, and it feels like the time to change things around a little.
  • I didn’t actually like my blog name – again, it’s the whole “I started it on a whim and didn’t think it through…”
  • The old design was really ugly, and I like this new, cleaner look.

What’s that blog title though? So, like I mentioned, A World of Reviews had no thought put into it. I mean, what does it even say about me? Creating this new blog was my chance to change things, hence The Dragon Reader. It’s because a.) I’m Welsh, b.) I like dragons, and c.) I like reading. And boom! I combined them all.

So I’d like to introduce The Dragon Reader, my brand new book blog.


The Dragon Reader is all fancy and new, and I’m hoping to be a lot more active on it than I was on A World of Reviews. It’s got my old posts on it (which I may one day regret), but soon it will be home to plenty of new ones!

Advance warning though: the blog may look a bit messy over the next couple of weeks while I’m updating old posts and suchlike.

I’m super excited about my redesign, so I can’t wait to see what this year of blogging has in store!

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