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This Savage Song // Review

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How on earth does V. E. Schwab do it? Seriously, I am in love with everything she writes. Yet again, she had me addicted to a book, completely unable to put it down. This time it was This Savage Song, a story of monsters and humans where monsters are humans and humans are monsters. Have I used those words too much yet?

I’ve already read a few books by Schwab, and I’m in love with her A Darker Shade of Magic series. So I’ll admit, I was kind of scared that This Savage Song wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Honestly, I shouldn’t have worried. It was fantastic.

V E Schwab - This Savage Song

Why I Loved It

  • V. E. Schwab writes about music in such a magical way. You can almost hear it as you read, and it was totally enchanting.
  • The book’s told through the POV of two characters – August and Kate. Their parents are the rival heads of the two sections of the city, so obviously the kids have to hate each other.
  • And we all know that that’s gonna lead to a ship
  • August, one of the main characters, was so adorable. I really wanted someone to just give him a hug.
  • He really needed a hug
  • I took longer to warm to Kate, but I was a fan by the end. Her PoV was really enjoyable.
  • And Kate and August’s pov’s were so different to each other – it was really easy to tell them apart.
  • Schwab is officially Queen of Worldbuilding – I loved discovering the world in This Savage Song. I honestly couldn’t get enough.
  • I especially have to mention the magic. It was so cool! It was super creative, especially the way music and magic were combined
  • All I want now is to see more of the Flynn family, because I kind of fell in love with them.

So although it doesn’t quite dislodge A Darker Shade of Magic as my favourite V. E. Schwab book, it’s definitely up there. It’s one of the best books that I’ve read this year and I’m so excited about seeing where the story leads.

Have you read This Savage Song? Are you in love with V.E. Schwab’s writing? What’s your favourite Schwab book?


3 thoughts on “This Savage Song // Review

  1. I still haven’t read any of her books, partly because I just don’t know where to start.. This one sounds really interesting though, so maybe I’m just going to pick this book up!

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