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Top Ten Villains in YA

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely book blog The Broke and the BookishIt’s a fabulous meme which combines lists and books – two of the best things ever, I’m sure you’ll agree!

This week’s topic is all about villains, and I got so excited when I saw it. I mean, villains, guys! Let’s be honest, none of our favourite books would be half as good without any villains. What would the Harry Potter books be without the constant struggles against Voldemort?

I’ll admit, however, I struggled a bit with this topic. I looked at some of my favourite books, and struggled to even figure out who the villains were in some of the books. How can it be this hard to make a list of favourite villains? So I’ve settled for a short list this week, which I guess makes these villains extra special.

Professor Umbridge

Dolores Umbridge, from the Harry Potter books

This woman is terrifying. Genuinely, she is on par with Voldemort in terms of evilness. For the whole of The Order of the Phoenix, I was in awe of the character that J.K. had created.

The Darkling

The Darkling, from the Grisha trilogy

I really dislike him, and I think that any villain which makes me dislike him this much deserves to be on this list. I know some people ship him and Alina, but I’ve honestly never understood it, because he’s so creepy and horrible (especially later in the series). He is a great villain though.

Arobynn Hamel

Arobynn Hamel, from the Throne of Glass series

He treated Celaena so horribly, and yet I loved reading the scenes between Arobynn and Celaena. They were so dynamic, and every time he opened his mouth I wanted him to shut up already. And the way he treated Lysandra was disgusting too. Basically, he was horrible, but also a brilliant villain.

Queen Levana

Queen Levana, of The Lunar Chronicles

I haven’t read Fairest yet, but it’s obvious just how complex Levana is. She’s so fascinating to read about and has such an interesting story. And she’s definitely not a woman that you’d want to get in the way of.

Luke Castellan

Luke Castellan, of the Percy Jackson books

Definitely one of the best characters in the series! I don’t think that there’s any other villain that I care about so much in books. I just felt so awful for him throughout, and his situation was so sad.

Finally, I couldn’t make a list of villains without including one of my favourite characters ever…

Lady Morgana

Lady Morgana Pendragon, from BBC’s Merlin

Her story and her character development was just perfect, and I loved her so much in the first couple of series’. And she stayed as my favourite character right until the end of the show. Villains don’t come any better than this.

Who are your favourite villains? Are any of them on my list? Link to your TTT in the comments so that I can come visit!


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Villains in YA

  1. Yeah, I totally had a hard time remembering names of villains too! There were a few who stood out immediately, but it was harder getting to 10 than I was expecting…

    1. I wasn’t expecting it to be so tricky! I’m definitely going to have to pay more attention to the villains in books 😀

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