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My Lady Jane // Review


This is officially the best thing I’ve read all year.

Seriously, My Lady Jane has rocketed to the top of my favourites list because a.) it was so much fun, b.) it was genius retelling of history, and c.) it was about the Tudors and Lady Jane Grey! (which is pretty much my favourite period of history). It was an instant five stars from me.

Why was it so good?

Firstly, the characters were fabulous. We have multiple PoV’s in this book, and it worked so well. You know how in some books, there is literally no difference between the characters’ voices? That wasn’t an issue here. They were all so unique and I could always tell straight away who was talking.

Cynthia Hand - My Lady Jane.jpg

My favourite, of course, was Jane. Her thoughts were hilarious, and I loved everything about her. She was so, so bookish (which is always a good thing in a character), and I adored how much she cared about her books. I really liked that she didn’t let any of the men walk all over her either – she gave as good as she got when it came to Gifford, and their sarcasm and banter was the best.

Gifford himself, better known as G, was also really lovable. His romance with Jane was so sweet (they’re totally at the top of my OTP list), and I couldn’t get enough of their interactions. They made me laugh so much! Also, his thing for poetry and the way his thoughts would wander – it was so well written.

Honestly, I never got into Edward’s chapters as much as the other two, but I still enjoyed them. He provided another interesting viewpoint on the situation that was going on. I just preferred spending time with Jane and G. Gracie was fab though. Her and Edward together were fab. Gracie made Edward’s chapters so much better than they would have been otherwise.

Then there’s the plot. Which revolved around shapeshifters. SHAPESHIFTERS. IN TUDOR ENGLAND. WHAT EVEN? How do people come up with these ideas??

It sounds kind of mad, but it worked so well. It was a genius replacement for the Protestant/Catholic division that was going on at the time, and I enjoyed learning about the way shapeshifters (e∂ians) fit into the books.

A particular highlight was that G was a horse. The amount of horse jokes in this book had me laughing so much. SO MANY HORSE JOKES.

And the references too! I’m not sure I caught them all, but there were definitely references to Game of Thrones and Tangled in there. Those had me laughing too. Plus all the Shakespeare bits were perfect.

Honestly, my only issue is that I have the UK cover and it’s nowhere near as gorgeous as the US cover.

Basically, My Lady Jane is a historical retelling, a fast paced adventure, and full to the brim with jokes and references. If there’s a book that’s going to make you laugh this year, it’ll be this one.

Have you read My Lady Jane? What did you think of? Wasn’t it absolutely hilarious?

3 thoughts on “My Lady Jane // Review”

  1. I have been seeing this book around but I am yet to read this. I haven’t see this version of the cover though. Glad to hear that it was a goodread for you though:-)

    1. I’d definitely recommend it! Yeah, this cover’s pretty new because it was only released in the UK about a month ago, so I haven’t seen much of it 🙂

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