An Adventure In Bullet Journaling

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I’d been thinking about starting a bullet journal for a while. They seem perfect for me – I can’t live without a planner, but I also make countless lists on my phone, in other notebooks, on my laptop… The list goes on.

Having it all on in one place seems like the ideal solution.

However, I’m not the best at persevering with new projects. (Seriously, I’m awful. It’s a wonder that this blog has managed to survive so long!) So I thought maybe blogging about it would actually push me to not give up.



To get started, I did a lot of research/scrolling pinterest, so I wanted to share some handy links that I found so useful in starting up my bullet journal.

The Lazy Genius Collective – a massive guide on how to start, and some great tips

Buzzfeed – another handy guide on how to get started

Twirling Pages – another guide on getting started

Buzzfeed – some extra ideas for once you’ve started bullet journaling

The Overstuffed Bookcase – bullet journaling for book bloggers

There are also loads of tips and ideas on pinterest, tumblr, and instagram (warning: all the photos are gorgeous and you might get distracted by the prettiness and never actually start your own bullet journal).


I’ve been journaling for the past two weeks now, and it’s actually going kind of well. (I’m shocked too!) It’s so useful, and once uni gets started, I can definitely see myself using it all the time.

Now that I’ve started, I can’t imagine stopping, and I now spend way too much time looking up new layouts and new ideas for things to add to my journal. It’s so addictive!


Have you got a bullet journal? Are you thinking of starting one?


4 thoughts on “An Adventure In Bullet Journaling”

    1. It’s so useful 😊 And I’m loving being able to customise it so much. I might have to check out some of those fb groups!

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