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The Last Star // Review


There’s always that sense of anticipation when you start reading the final book in the series. That feeling of “is this book going to be the best thing ever?” or “is this going to entirely ruin the whole series?” It’s kind of scary, opening up that book and reading. And sometimes, often, the book is fantastic – the author has done an incredible job and you’re in awe.

Other times? You’re left a little confused and, well, kind of underwhelmed.

Sadly, that was the case with The Last Star, the final book in The 5th Wave trilogy.

Rick Yancey - The Last Star

It took me a while to pick this one up, and I had pretty high expectations – I enjoyed both of the previous books, and was looking forward to an incredible conclusion.

And there were some things that I loved about The Last Star. Zombie, otherwise known as Ben, is one of my favourite characters. He’s so funny, and his little jokes and comments had me smiling throughout. His PoV was just so lovely to read (and also stressful because, hello, this is a book about an alien invansion.)

I also thought all the action scenes were written brilliantly. There was such a tense atmosphere the whole time, and I was desperately turning pages to see what would happen.

But the first problem came when I realised that I had no idea what was going on. Sure, this was partly my fault for having a terrible memory, but you know how some sequels do some subtle recaps? I didn’t feel like that happened much here, which left me a little lost.

To add to my confusion, I didn’t really get the plot of this book. Like, there were aliens, but then there weren’t? But there sort of were? I mean, I can’t even figure out how to explain it here, because I genuinely didn’t understand the situation. At all. I might have missed something along the way, buuuut… it was still confusing.

And Cassie? The main character who I loved in the first two books? She suddenly became really annoying. I didn’t enjoy her chapters at all. It just felt like she was constantly contradicting herself, and also there were some really weird romance scenes with Evan. Highlight for spoiler: They had a sex scene, but it was written so weirdly that I didn’t even realise it had happened until later when Cassie was making strange references to it. I just, I don’t even know. This review on GoodReads quotes it, if you want to see what I mean.

But there were some good surprises in there too! Like Ringer and Sam’s chapters, which I did really like, especially Ringer. Plus there was a really cute scene at the end which made me smile.

So, although I have no clue what happened with the aliens, I did enjoy it because of the characters and the action scenes. I’m definitely curious about Rick Yancey’s future books!

Have you read The Last Star? What did you think? And what was the last book you read where you were super confused about everything? 


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