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See How They Run // Review


I’ve loved Ally Carter’s books for years. The Gallagher Girls hooked me with its spy school and entertaining characters, and I adored the Heist Society books (especially Hale, because he was fab). And I did enjoy All Fall Down, the first book in her new Embassy Row series.

However, I have yet to fall in love with the Embassy Row books, and See How They Run, the second book in the series, didn’t do much to help. There are definitely things I like about these books, but I also have a few issues. And I’m going to share those with you in a little list!


What I Liked

  • There’s a great group of friends at the centre of these books – Grace, Noah, Rosie and Megan. And sometimes Alexei. Occasionally Lila. Anyhow, there was some great banter, and Rosie and Noah are really good at making me laugh.
  • The setting is very cool because a) it’s European (and I like Europe) and b.) it’s such a unique idea for a book. How many other books have you read about the children of ambassadors?
  • Grace’s family were really interesting to read about, especially Jamie. I just liked Jamie a lot. I’m hoping for more Jamie.
  • The way Grace’s character was written was really good, and I think Ally Carter did a good job of showing how Grace was dealing with the discoveries she made in the first book.



What I Wasn’t As Keen On

  • Grace. I wasn’t the biggest fan of our main character, and I felt awful about it. Sometimes I thought she was great, but I guess I got a bit fed up with Grace from time to time? The thing is, I really want to like her. I don’t know, I’m very confused.
  • I’m not keen on the Grace/Alexei relationship either. I don’t really understand them, plus Grace really isn’t in a good place to have a relationship in the book. Basically, I don’t ship them. At all.
  • The secret society thing was also meh. I don’t know if I blocked out the events of the first book in my mind or something, but I was not expecting a secret society when I started reading See How They Run. I don’t know, it all seemed to get a bit ridiculous.
  • AND THAT ENDING. No! It felt so cliché, and I feel like the books have taken a really insane turn.

So I wasn’t the biggest fan, and I may not carry on with the series. BUT I know a lot of people loved this so maybe check out a few other reviews. It’s definitely a book that will appeal to a lot of people.

Have you read See How They Run? What did you think? Are you a black sheep too?



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