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This week is a freebie and, until yesterday, I had no idea what topic to choose for this post. All I had in mind was that it should somehow relate to summer and the summer holidays. And then it hit me! I do a lot of reading in the summer, naturally, but I have another hobby that my whole family joins in with. Board games! So, I figured I’d introduce you to ten of my favourite board games which are perfect for the summer holidays.

Top Ten Summer Board Games

Ooga Booga

Ooga Booga

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a caveman? Well, here’s the game for you! This is basically a game where you make caveman noises, and you try to remember the caveman noises other people have made. That description makes it sound a bit pathetic, I’ll admit, but trust me, this game is hilarious. It generally ends with everyone collapsed on the floor giggling.



Essentially: do the action that corresponds to the shape before anyone else does the action. Again, it sounds simple, but when there are ten of you sitting around 8 combinations of shapes/actions, it’s really hard to win. And there will always be that one person who just keeps getting wrong, which is just funny.



Dobble tends to be the first choice for games in any of my friendship groups. The best way to describe it is probably as “complicated snap”. You get cards which have eight pictures on, and each card has one picture in common with every other card in the deck. You just have to find the pair!



In Mascarade, everybody gets a character that they look at once at the very beginning of the game, and then never look at again. So as long as you can remember which character you are, you should be fine. But then everybody starts swapping characters under the table so you don’t actually know if they’ve swapped. And then everyone starts claiming that they’re the king, even though you’re confident that they’re not, and so everyone just gets very confused. But hey, it’s a lot of fun!

Galaxy Trucker

Galaxy Trucker

YOU GET TO BUILD SPACESHIPS!! OUT OF SEWER PARTS!! And then you fly your beautiful spaceships through space and watch them get destroyed by meteors and pirates and cannon fire and more meteors, while hopelessly trying to pick up (and hold on to) some cargo. This is the perfect family game – it’s all about laughing at other people while desperately hoping that your spaceship will survive it’s journey through space.

Snake Oil

Snake Oil

One player picks up a character e.g. teacher, caveman, rapper, cheerleader etc. Everybody else looks at the cards in their hand, each of which has a word on it e.g. rope, music, underwear, powder etc. Then each player combines two words to create a product to sell to the chosen character, and comes up with convincing reasons why their “candy pocket” is so much more useful than somebody else’s “future tie”. Yeah, just go and play it, and then you’ll understand.



This one is snap with animal noises. There’s nothing else to say. It comes with cute little animal figures and little barns for the animals to live in. It’s adorable.



Dixit is a hard game to explain. It comes with lots of strange, fancy art which you have to describe with a word without being too vague or too specific. Then everybody else will try to pick out your card from a selection on the table. Oh, and for some reason each player is represented by a different coloured rabbit? I don’t know, I don’t think this one can be explained. It’s definitely worth playing though.

Castle Panic

Castle Panic

You and your friends are the only protectors of the castle, which is currently being attacked by a horde of goblins, trolls and orcs, along with other terrifying beasts such as dragons and hydras. Your task: defeat the monsters before they destroy your six castle towers. (And if you enjoy this, I highly recommend the expansion packs).



Again, this is another “complicated snap”. (Clearly, it’s the perfect summer group game). This one involves cards which feature both a symbol and a category. If your symbol snaps with anybody else’s, you have to shout out something from the category on the other player’s card before they can shout out something from your category. Confused yet? This one definitely takes a lot more brainpower than some of the others on the list – it’s really strange how being put on the spot makes you forget the names of every chocolate bar ever.

So, are you fancying any of these? Do any of my descriptions even make sense? Have you played any? Do you have any board game recommendations for me? Do you play board games often?


25 thoughts on “Top Ten Board Games

  1. I love this post, I love my board games. Dixit is great!! I know hwta you mean, it’s hard to explain, it’s kinda like a reverse pictionary but more complex. Do you have nay of the expansions? The cards just get odder and odder and harder to describe.
    We bought Mysterium recently and it’s great it’s kinda like dixit and cluedo mushed together but more involved. Was a little difficult but still great fun, had lots of laughs.
    Mascarade looks good, I am very tempted to buy it. I’ll have a think before I make a rash desciion.

    I see you like what we can quick games (which we play a few of before the bigger ones like cosmic encounter) Love Letter is another one about bluffing and trying hope people don’t guess which cards you have in your hand, it’s a round based one so your hand changes each round since they are so quick, very good game though and very easy.

    Pina Pirata is one of my favourites, it can get so silly and very hard to win, or you are about to win but you ahve to pass your hand the another player so they win instead. Great fun though, especially when you get the monkey tile where you have to pass your hand and everytime it’s played my gorup of friends shout monkey.

    I could go on and on, but before I write more than you did on your post I am going to stop 🙂

    1. I’ve got a couple of expansions for Dixit, and some of the cards are SO weird. Some of them are a real challenge to describe!
      I adore Mysterium – when my family first bought it, we just kept playing it over and over again to try and win. 😀 I can’t believe I forgot to put it on the list.
      Yeah, I’ve mainly gone for the quick games on this list – I figured they’re better openers for anyone reading the list who doesn’t often play board games. I’ve heard a lot about Love Letter, so I really need to try it soon! Pina Pirata sounds interesting too, I’ll have to check it out. 😀

      1. We managed to win first time at Mysterium but think that was luck more than anything, we only did it on the easy level and still struggled lol. Great game though. I love the pictures, very similar to dixit, beautiful, some are very difficult to work out what’s going on.
        There’s so many games out there it’s hard to choose your faves 🙂

      2. That’s impressive! Yeah, the art is beautiful in both, even if it is a little weird sometimes. 🙂 And I totally agree, especially when they’re all so different too – sometimes you just can’t compare them!

  2. Love dixit the rest are new to me. My game group loves sheriff of Nottingham (bluff game), lords of water deep (board placement), carcassonne (face up memory?), lords of Vegas (monopoly like game you’d want to play), and a lot more. We have a huge game room. You look like you love card games check out fluxx and gloom and star realms. 🙂

    1. We bought Sheriff of Nottingham back in April, but haven’t tried it yet since I’ve only just gotten back from uni for the year. I’m looking forward to it though. 😀 And I’ve played a lot of Carcassonne – I was obsessed with it when I was younger!

      Lords of Vegas is one I’ve heard quite a bit about so I plan on trying it out some point soon.

      I really wish we had a game room. At the moment they’re mostly stuffed in the attic or my bedroom, but it’s definitely gotten to the point where they need their own room! 😀

      1. There’s a wonderful kick starter for an 800 $ gaming table/dining table we just backed. It brings your gaming to a whole new level but looks like it fits your furniture style. 🙂

  3. Dixit and Castle Panic are on our favorites lists too! I love the snap games you described. We do regular board game nights and it’s great to have games that cross from friends into family night, too. Great list!! My TTT is here.

    1. Castle Panic is just so much fun. 😀 And those snap games are so good if you want something quite light, but very competitive! We do a lot of family game nights, but at the moment my friends aren’t really up for regular game nights. I might have to try to change that though!!

  4. Wow, I’ve never heard of any of these, let alone played them. Snake Oil and Mascarade sound pretty fun, though! My favorite board game is definitely Clue, but I can never get my friends to play it, which is sad. Anyways, this was such a great topic for a freebie week of Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. Clue is pretty great! If you like that, then I’d recommend Mysterium – it’s a murder mystery game where you work together to solve a murder, and the clues are given to you by a ghost (who is one of the other players). Definitely worth checking out!

  5. Masquerade sounds like it could call for many laughs! I’ll have to see if I can order that one online because it sounds like it could be a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing your favorites! My favorite board game is Yahtzee or Gestures! But Clue is also a ton of fun if you love mystery games 🙂

    1. Masquerade is a lot of fun, especially if you have lots of people playing. Everyone just gets hopelessly confused!

  6. The only one I’ve played here is Dixit and OMG do I SUCK so completely at it. I always tend to be either too literal or too obscure, and I lost so badly. I do love the drawings, though – they’re very whimsical. 🙂

    1. How I do always seems to depend on who I’m playing with. If my sister’s there, then we both sneak a lot of references no one understands. 🙂 Otherwise, I’m terrible at it! And same, the drawings are lovely – it’s so easy to get distracted by them!

  7. Dobble and Dixit are great
    I recently fell for King of Tokio – a fast battle game with some fun monsters and easy rules
    My all time favorite is Carcassone – simply awesome
    and for a little fun Munchkin is a perfect game when you want to at least try to cheat 😛 Plus the humor of the game is great

    1. I love Carcassone, but it’s been so long since I last played it! I might have to go and find it because it’s a great game 🙂 And I see King of Tokyo every time I’m at the games shop but I have yet to buy it – I’ll have to try it out soon.

      1. I got King of Tokio as a gift and I have to say it was a bulls-eye 😉
        Have you watched Will Weaton’s TableTop? Sometimes I simply go to youtube to watch it when I have no game partners 😉

      2. I’ll have to check it out!
        No, I haven’t watched it, but it sounds interesting so I’ll definitely be having a look later ☺

      3. have fun! I always do
        I even watched some of the “extended” episodes because I simply love these guys
        Check out the episodes with Patrick Rothfuss and Felicia Day 🙂

    1. Thurn and Taxis is fab, and I really like Forbidden Island too. I really want to play Small World, so I’ll definitely have to get to that one soon!

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