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The Unexpected Everything // Review

If I were to pick up a book, it would usually be fantasy of some sort, or maybe a dystopian. Sometimes I even branch out to historical fiction. However, the one genre I don’t read as much is contemporary.

Well, unless it’s Morgan Matson.

I can’t get enough of the friendships, the romances, and the ridiculous amounts of fun that appear in her books. (Along with the really sad parts, and the parts which leave you screaming at the main character because they’re being an idiot).

So I had to pick up The Unexpected Everything the moment it was released, and it definitely did not disappoint. This book is possibly the best book I’ve read this year, and right now I’m wishing I had the time to reread it.


This really is the perfect summer read. So why should you be picking this up right now?

The Unexpected Everything has an incredible friendship group. A lot of contemporaries often revolve around all the new friends a main character makes over a specific period time. It’s not often that you see a book focused on a friendship group that has existed for years and years. And yet, this is what this book is all about. I really appreciated these friendships because it reminded me so much of my friendship group at home. We’ve known each for years and it was so lovely seeing that reflected in a book.

Another thing that was fantastic was the summer romance. It wasn’t sudden and random, and was actually the total opposite. It was well-developed and thought about, and reading about Andie and Clark made me smile so much. (Plus Clark was an author, which is just really cool.) (And also, the bookshop scene. You’ll see what I mean when you get there).


And now back onto the friendship. Not only are we given the group of girls, but we also get to see the friendship between the boyfriends. Palmer, one of Andie’s friends, has been dating Tom for a while, and I absolutely loved the friendship that built up between Tom and Clark. They made me laugh so much and I’d happily read an entire book about them.

To me, this book was all about the relationships, and I loved the focus it put on the father-daughter relationship. Seeing Andie and her father reconnect was wonderful, and her dad made me smile so many times. Two words: SCAVENGER HUNT! (Which, even if you don’t like the rest of the book, just hold out until you get to this chapter. It is just perfect).

So, this is my new favourite book, it’s full of friendships and fun and has such a summery vibe, plus it’s made me really want to go dog-walking. (That feeling will pass, right?)

Are you a Morgan Matson fan? Have you ever had the urge to go dog-walking? What’s your favourite book about friendships?


2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Everything // Review

    1. Yep, I’ve read all four of her books! I’m in love with everything she’s written. 😀

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