My Summer Bucket List

As a university student, I get really long holidays. My exams finished on the 20th of May and term doesn’t start again until the end of September. What on earth am I meant to do for all that time??

Read a lot, obviously. Blog a bit. Chuck in some bookstagram too.

Those aren’t going to keep me occupied though, so I put together a little bucket list of what I want to get done this summer. (And I’d imagine that a lot more is going to get added to it!)


  1. Day trip to the beach // I’m not the biggest fan of beaches, but once in a while they’re good fun
  2. Host a BBQ // Or maybe just go to someone else’s?
  3. Sort out my bedroom // My bedroom currently looks like the store room of a charity shop, so I should probably do something about that
  4. Get rid of books // Despite having two bookshelves and each shelf being double stacked, I’d guess there are at least fifty books in my room without a home – looks like it’s time for a clear out!
  5. Improve my Instagram skillsΒ // I got back into Instagram recently (specifically, bookstagram), and so I want to get better at taking photos
  6. Take photos while in Austria // Specifically a family photo, because I have none
  7. Group holiday in West Wales // This is with school friends, so it should be a laugh
  8. See uni friends // I’m actually seeing one of them on Friday
  9. Use the library more // Hopefully I’ll buy fewer books as a result…
  10. Keep up regular bloggingΒ // I got over a blogging slump recently, so hopefully I won’t fall into another one
  11. Read lots of books // There’s no way this won’t happen
  12. Volunteer somewhere // Probably in a charity shop, but haven’t quite decided yet
  13. Try out the new ice cream parlour // It looks incredible, and this is now my plan for Thursday
  14. Book tickets for Bath Children’s Literature Festival // Sarah J. Maas is going to be there, so there’s no way I’m missing it!
  15. London weekend trip? // It was suggested by my friends,Β but who knows if it’ll happen!

Those are a few of things I want to get done this summer, but what about you? Any plans? Holidays? Book-related events?

2 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List”

  1. This sounds like a great summer list! I hope you get to do all of them. πŸ˜€ I’ve been volunteering at a kitty shelter myself and it’s a lot of fun. The cleaning of litter boxes not so much, but all of these cats are such cuddlebugs.

    1. That sounds like so much fun! I’m tempted to see if there are any shelters near me that I could help out at. πŸ˜€

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