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Stacking the Shelves #50


This is a feature hosted by the fabulous book blog Tynga’s Reviews which lets bloggers share and show off their latest book hauls.

It’s my fiftieth Stacking the Shelves post!! YAY!

Anyway, despite this being the fiftieth post, I don’t actually have a book haul to share. I know, I know, why am I even bothering posting this? Well, my Stacking the Shelves posts have turned into more than just book haul posts – it’s a chance to share what’s been going on in my life (and clearly you’re all desperate to know).

What Did I Get?

As I’ve already said, there are no new books to report this week. This is probably a good thing, because I really don’t need to buy any new ones. Then again, I’m heading to town today, so this might all change…

What Am I Reading?

I’m currently working my way through Les Miserables, and am very almost finished. I actually took a year break until recently, but I’m so glad that I’ve gotten back into it because it is a great read. I also feel like I’ve learned a lot during the book. There’s so much history and stuff in it!

And On The Telly?

Well, the fantastic The Musketeers is back on the BBC for its final series and I’m loving it. Everything is brilliant and I’m desperate for an Aramis/Anne reunion. It’s all I want from this programme.

I’ve also finally gotten around to binge-watching Firefly and I’m very close to the end of the series. I can’t believe I waited so long to watch it. I definitely recommend it if you’ve been thinking of watching it.

In Other News…

I’ve spent my week helping out at a Christian conference centre, and it’s been a lot of fun. Highlights including learning how to make custard from scratch and getting to use a blow torch for the first time! Also, the people staying there for the week were lovely and I really enjoyed getting to know them.

Plus, I’m officially at home for the summer now that all my university exams are over. This hopefully means that I’ll have a lot more time for blogging!

How about you? Any new books on your shelves this week? Have you read Les Miserables, or are you planning to? Are you also a giant fan of The Musketeers? And isn’t Firefly fantastic?

8 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves #50”

    1. It’s taken me quite a while – I think I started it back in November 2014. It’s definitely manageable if you tackle it slowly 🙂

  1. Les Miserables is one that has sat on my shelf for years and years. I haven’t read a classic in a long time, but I need to get back into reading them. That’s hard to do when I have become obsessed with all these new books that I’ve found over the years. Classics and Historical Romances were the only books I used to read when I was younger. Happy weekend!

    1. I find it so hard to make time for classics with all the new books that are constantly coming out! That’s probably why Les Mis took me a year and half to read. I’d definitely recommend it though, especially if you like the musical.

    1. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try, it’s certainly worth the read. It does take up a lot of time though. 🙂

    1. I totally recommend it. There’s so much going on it and it’s made me love my favourite characters even more! I hope you get to read it soon. 😀

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