I’m finished!

After four weeks of constant revision and exams, I’m done with my first year of university!

(Which is absolutely insane, because I’m pretty sure freshers week was only a month or so ago.)

Anyway, it means I can finally get back into blogging properly. Now that I have four long months of summer ahead of me, I’m looking forward to being able to read more, blog more and catch up on a bit of telly. It’s going to be wonderful.

It’s so strange that I’m heading home next week though, and that I won’t really be back at uni until the end of September. The year has flown by, and I’ve had so many good experiences during my first year. I’ve also made some amazing friends who I’m going to miss a lot over the next few months – it’ll be weird not seeing them every week! I’m still here for another week just relaxing though, so I’ll be making the most of getting to see people before they all disappear.

And then I’ll be at home and I’ll get to spend time with my school friends, who I miss so much. It’ll be so good seeing them again.

Basically, I think I want to combine my home with uni and just have everyone in one place. It’s the perfect solution.

Anyway. Goodbye university, hello blogging!


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