welsh week

Happy St. David’s Day


Happy St. David’s Day! And a Diwrnod Dewi Sant Hapus to those of you who speak the language!

It being St. David’s Day today means that we’ve reached the end of Welsh Week. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed sharing some of my favourite things about Wales, and some of my favourite (sort-of-Welsh) books. To end the week, I thought I’d go through some typical Welsh stereotypes, and see how well they apply to me!


1. We All Love Rugby

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of rugby, but I do get into it when Wales are playing. Mainly because everybody gets really excited about it, and I don’t really have a choice.


2. We All Love Singing

So this one is very true about me. I’ve always been in various choirs since I was about nine, and I’ve competed with those choirs in quite a few competitions. Yep, that one is definitely true.


3. We All Love Sheep

I was about to deny this one, and then I remember about my mum’s shed which is filled with wool, spinning wheels, books about sheep, posters about sheep etc. I also know several people who own sheep… I think this one probably does apply to me.


4. We’re All Miners

Definitely not true. Not true at all.


5. We All Speak Welsh

Yes, I’m one of the twenty percent who can speak Welsh, and yes, I can pronounce the really long place name.

 Based on that, I am your stereotypical Welsh person, and I’m proud of it!


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