welsh week

Best of Wales


I’m kicking off my Welsh Week with some of my favourite places in Wales (and you should all go visit them!)

Chances are, quite a few of you have visited Wales (especially if you live next door in England.) But how much have you actually seen? We have a lot of awesome-ness in Wales (and far too much to fit in one post), but I’ll try. If you’re planning on visiting at any point, these are some places you should definitely be checking out!

This is just a list of my top five, but there’s so much more to see.

Cardiff Bay – it’s so pretty at night

1. Cardiff

I’m actually from Cardiff, so I’m probably a little biased. However, it’s awesome! There are so many things to see: Millennium Centre, Cardiff Castle, St. Fagans, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Bay, Doctor Who Experience,… the list goes on. There are a lot of places worth seeing just in the capital, so I definitely recommend a visit.

Snowdonia is an amazing place to visit

2. Snowdonia

Snowdonia (or Eryri in Welsh) is the area around our highest mountain, Snowdon. I’ve been there a couple of times, and I love the area. If you’re ever in North Wales, go and explore!

castell caerffili
Castell Caerffili – just one of our many castles


No trip to Wales is complete without seeing a castle, whether it’s Cardiff Castle or Castell Harlech. Each of them are unique and have really interesting stories, and they’re all really, really pretty.

Tenby – a really popular holiday location


Every summer, Tenby is teeming with people on holiday. It’s perfect for a getaway and there are so many little places to explore. I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s been great each time.

Hay-On-Wye – Town of Books

5. Hay-on-Wye

Hay-On-Wye is one of my favourite places. It’s literally known as “The Town of Books” due to the number of bookshops that are there. It even has its own literary festival! It’s also a really adorable little place and I am totally in love with it. It’s a book lovers dream!

So, there you have it. Just a few of my favourite places in Wales, and all worth a visit.

Have you ever visited Wales? Where are your favourite places?


5 thoughts on “Best of Wales

    1. They’re all definitely worth visiting, especially Hay-on-Wye! There are so many great bookshops there. 😀

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