welsh week

Welsh Week!


Hmm, what’s that you ask? What’s this Welsh Week that I’m talking about? Well, let me explain.

You may or may not know that the 1st of March is St. David’s Day (the patron saint of Wales). So, in honour of that, this week is going to be Welsh Week on my blog!

(Don’t lie, you’re super excited, right?)

The week ahead is going to involve books, Wales, dragons and possibly some sheep. Basically, I’ll be celebrating all things Welsh (and it’s going to be awesome!) I’ll be posting pretty much all week, and everything is going to have a very Welsh theme. So yeah, that is what Welsh week is going to be all about, and it’s all going to be starting tomorrow, so come visit!


7 thoughts on “Welsh Week!

  1. I’m not very familiar with Wales so I’m really excited for Welsh Week on your blog! I hope to know more about Wales through your Welsh Week.

    1. Hopefully I’ll be able to share more about the country! I can’t wait to get started posting things. 😀

  2. I am looking forward to following Welsh week, i used to go to Wales every year on a caravan holiday and every Saturday with my Dad to Rhyl so it will bring back some memories for me hopefully and make me a little nostalgic 🙂

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