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Review: Dangerous Girls

Abigail Haas - Dangerous Girls

Elise is dead. And someone must pay.

Anna, her boyfriend Tate, best friend Elise and a group of close friends set off on a debaucherous Spring Break trip to Aruba. But paradise soon turns into a living nightmare when Elise is brutally murdered.

Soon Anna finds herself trapped in a foreign country and fighting for her freedom. As she awaits the judge’s decree, it becomes clear that everyone is questioning her innocence. To the rest of the world, Anna isn’t just guilty, but dangerous. As the court case unfolds the truth is about to come out, and it’s more shocking than you could ever imagine…


And those were my first thoughts after putting down Dangerous Girls. To be honest, while reading it, I wasn’t quite sure why everybody is so obsessed with it. I mean, it was good and I wanted to know who the murderer was, but it wasn’t a five star read.

And then I got to the end. Oh, that ending.

Dangerous book!

It was incredible. And very, very unexpected. Like, what?? I genuinely sat in my living room on shock after finishing it. And that is exactly why you should read this book. There are other reasons too, of course.

There’s the drama and tension of the courtroom which kept me gripped the whole way through. I needed to know what had actually happened to Elise. There was the tension between a seemingly tight-knit group of friends. That lot really had me screaming at the book at times. And there were the revealing flashbacks. The real story of what happened on Aruba, a place that seemed like paradise. Plus, you accuse pretty much everyone of being a murderer. I think I thought everyone did at some point or other.

See? There are so many reasons why you should read this book. Trust me, it’s worth picking up. And if you don’t trust me (I’m not going to ask why), have a look on GoodReads to see more glowing reviews. Honestly, you should all try it out right now. This very minute. Go and read it!

Were you shocked by the ending?


5 thoughts on “Review: Dangerous Girls”

    1. Same! The first thing I did was but Dangerous Boys, so that’s now spring on my shelf waiting to be read. I can’t wait to start it!

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