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December 2014 Round Up

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! (Yes, I know it’s been 2015 for a week already, but I thought I’d say it anyway). December was a weird month – I barely posted anything until the last few days of the month, so this is going to be a pretty short round up. The main reasons I wasn’t posting were a) lots of uni stuff going on, and b) CHRISTMAS. Which was awesome. But yeah, round up time.

I posted a grand total of 2 reviews in December. Yep, two. They were My True Love Gave To Me and The HitMy True Love Gave To Me was a really great Christmas read with some really good short stories. The Hit was also surprisingly better than expected, because spies/assassins/missions etc. I also posted One Day Moretalking about my uni experience so far, my resolutions for 2015 and part 1 of my end of year survey.

And that was my December. Very empty, I know. Here’s to January being full of a lot more blogging! (And sadly, five exams).

How was the end of 2014 for you?


5 thoughts on “December 2014 Round Up

    1. I didn’t really know much about The Hit either until I read, but yeah, My True Love Gave To Me is on everyone’s blogs! Thank you. 😀

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