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Review: The Tale of Atterberry (The Faire Pendant #1)

Leah Price - The Tale of Atterberry

Glenna’s life is anything but ordinary. The daughter of Renaissance festival vendors, Glenna’s days are filled with magic and medieval reenactments as she travels the faire circuit with her family.

Then one day, Glenna’s life changes forever. With the help of a pendant, she discovers Otherworld. An enchanted realm, Otherworld is the land in which all of the myths and magic woven by the Renaissance players comes to life!

Suddenly, Glenna is thrust into a quest filled with danger and deception when Atterberry, a great and powerful magician in Otherworld, needs help recovering a stolen item.

Can Glenna find the item in time? Can she summon the courage to become the medieval hero the residents of Otherworld expect her to be? And perhaps most importantly, can she juggle both her life in the real world and her life in Otherworld without damaging either?

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I thought this book was very sweet and charming. It’s a got a really nice story that sets up the plotΒ for later books, and is a good little middle grade adventure. It tells the story of eleven year old Glenna who discovers the Otherworld, a world based on the imagination of the people she knows. It’s similar to her own world, but the people there are all just a bit different to what she’s used to. It’s really sweet, and I enjoyed reading this story.

Glenna and her family move around with a renaissance faire, which I thought was such a cool setting for the book. It’s not something I’ve seen before, and I really liked all the details that came with having a setting like this. The idea of the Otherworld (or “Dychymyg”) was really interesting too, and it was populated by who the people in Glenna’s world sort of imagined themselves to be. For example, a typical magician that Glenna was friends with in the real world saw himself as a really awesome magician with real magic, and so that’s what he became in the Otherworld. There were some really nice ideas in this book.

The plot itself wasn’t the most exciting, and I kind of wish that there’s more action in later books, but I did enjoy the whole mystery that was going on. I liked that Glenna had to find clues and also had to struggle with not talking about the whole new world that she’d just discovered. Glenna herself was a really sweet character, and I really liked her relationship with her family, especially her brother. I can imagine that relationship will be important in later books.

Overall, it’s a really nice children’s books with a lovely little story. I’m excited to see what will happen to Glenna in future books!

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