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Review: Sea of Shadows (Age of Legends #1)

Kelley Armstrong - Sea of Shadows

They hear the spirits. They must obey.

In the Forest of the Dead, where the empire’s worst criminals are exiled, twin sisters Moria and Ashyn are charged with a dangerous task. For they are the Keeper and the Seeker, and each year they must quiet the enraged souls of the damned.

Only this year, the souls will not be quieted.

Ambushed by an ancient evil, Moria and Ashyn must race to warn the empire of a terrifying threat. Accompanied by a dashing thief and a warrior with a dark history, the sisters battle their way across a wasteland filled with reawakened monsters of legend. But there are more sinister enemies waiting for them at court – and a secret that will alter the balance of their world forever.

The first volume in the Age of Legends trilogy, Sea of Shadows is a thrilling dark fantasy where evil hides in every shadow and the deadliest monsters of all come in human form . . .

It’s actually been a while since I read this book, and while at the time I thought it was pretty good, it seems that this is not a particularly memorable book. Thank goodness I wrote some notes because it’s all sort of a blur at the moment for this book!

What I do remember was that this book was a bit different to what I was expecting. I thought it would be a typical fantasy book (which it kind of was), but it had quite a few creepy moments at the beginning of the book which I really liked. Actually, the plot in general was a lot of fun and I did enjoy the story. It surprised me quite a few times during the book, especially a plot twist at the end.

However, what did stop me from enjoying the book as much were the short chapters. I love short chapters as much as the next person, but here they felt too short. Especially at the start, a chapter would end in the middle of a scene and then carry on again in exactly the same place in the next chapter. Why split it? It definitely broke up the flow of the book.

It did have several interesting characters, and I loved the twins who are at the centre of the story. Ashyn is so adorable and friendly, and then she can be really awesome at talking and negotiating and stuff, whereas Moria does a lot more of the fighting. She’s also brilliant. I was worried for a bit that there would be a really awkward love triangle, but thankfully it didn’t emerge. The other characters, like Gavril and Ronan, are really sweet as well and interesting to read about.

There’s a lot of banter too which is always a good sign! Overall, it was a fun read (although not the most memorable) and it’s worth reading if you’re a fantasy fan.


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