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Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and involves making a lists about a certain topic. And who doesn’t like making lists, right?

Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit

Whenever I read a book, I always wish I could visit the place it’s set in so this is a perfect topic for me. My only problem is that there are two many options! What I did find was that most of the places on this list are, sadly, fictional. This is because a) I read a lot of fantasy, and b) most contemporary stuff is set in America and I’m not fussed about going there. Anyway, on with the list.


1. Prague Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Right from the start of reading this book, I realised that I really wanted to visit Prague. It sounds amazing, and looks so so pretty!


2. Paris Anna and the French Kiss

I’ve actually been to Paris a few times, but reading Anna brought back all the beauty of the city. I’d love to visit again and take it all in properly.


3. Italy The Roman Mysteries

Again, I’ve been to Rome, Pompeii and Herculaneum but I would love to see more of Italy. Reading The Roman Mysteries when I was about ten really made me want to visit and that desire has never left me.


4. Victorian London The Infernal Devices

And this is where my choices start getting a little more impossible. Obviously, the only way I’m going to visit Victorian London is if I end up meeting the Doctor and travelling in the TARDIS. (very unlikely). Still, I love the era and it sounds fascinating.


5. The Night Circus  The Night Circus

It’s such a beautiful book, and the way the circus is described just makes me want to be there.


6. Inkworld Inkheart

The world of Inkheart has always fascinated me, mainly because it involves people going into books, and the series is just enchanting. Definitely a world I’d visit if it existed.


7. Middle Earth Lord of the Rings

The world in these books is AMAZING! I want to go visit because it’s so beautiful. I guess I could always go to New Zealand instead.


8. Narnia The Chronicles of Narnia

Who doesn’t want to go to Narnia? It’s awesome.


9. Camp Half-Blood Percy Jackson and the Olympians

There was no way I could make list without this having just finished Blood of Olympus. Camp Half-Blood is such an amazing place in the books and I want to spend a summer there.


10. Hogwarts Harry Potter

I feel like this is going to be on a lot of lists this week. Hogwarts feels like a home every time I go to reread one of the books, and I wish I could be part of that world sometimes.

Where have books made you want to visit?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit”

  1. Ooh yes to Prague! I think the descriptions of the city were my favorite part in Daughter Of Smoke And Bone. I wanted to read a whole book just devoted to her adventures in the city and her mysterious errands. And I’m so happy to see Inheart on someone’s blog!! That’s my very most favoritest book of all time.

    1. Same, the way Prague was described in the books made me fall in love with the place! And I’d love to read a book about Karou’s adventures in Prague. 🙂 I’ve loved Inkheart for ages, and it’s so awesome! I think I’ll have to reread it pretty soon.

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