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Rick Riordan + Norse Mythology!

Yesterday, the final book in the Heroes of Olympus series was released. My copy of Blood of Olympus has arrived (although I need to pick it up and I’m not sure I can survive until twelve o’clock without it). I am terrified about reading it, because it’s going to be awesome and amazing and probably heartbreaking. Plus, it’s the end of the series and I’m going to miss Percy and Annabeth and everybody so much.

However, it was recently announced that Rick Riordan’s new series will be released next October!

Rick Riordan - Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

It’s about NORSE MYTHOLOGY! It’s going to be so awesome. Also, notice the surname. Yes, that says Chase, possibly as in AnnabethΒ Chase. What does that mean? Why that surname?? I NEED this book now! Anyway, it’s out next year and it’s probably going to be awesome.

EDIT: About the whole are Annabeth and Magnus related thing, check out this link. It pretty much explains it.


3 thoughts on “Rick Riordan + Norse Mythology!”

  1. I’m going to fill the gap between the end of heroes of olympus and this norse series by reading the Kane Chronicles haha!

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