One Week Down, Three Years To Go

These posts about university are slowly becoming a weekly thing (although that’s probably because I don’t have time to any actual reading and so I can only talk about uni). I promise I’ll do some book posts soon though. Honest!

Anyway, I’ve just finished my first proper week of university (seeing as freshers really doesn’t count and was such a weird week.) It’s been really busy – I have 20 contact hours every week plus five problem sheets a week, so my reading time has been cut down a lot. Oh, the joys of studying maths! Seriously though, I am really enjoying the course so far. It’s really different to the sort of stuff that I did at A Level, so it’s really interesting. And also very hard, but I was expecting that.

Obviously, university isn’t just about the studying, so I’ve been getting involved in the orchestra and choir, which is a lot of fun. One of the pieces we’re currently doing is Pirates of the Caribbean, which is really awesome because I love the films!

Captain Jack Sparrow is the best. Don’t deny it.

Β Basically, I’m settling in pretty well so far (even though I still hate having to cook so much. It takes tooΒ long.) I’m having a really good time and I’m not swamped with work yet (I probably will be this time next week though.) Also, I know I haven’t really posted any reviews or anything recently, but I will try to do so soon. It’s just that I’m taking ages to get through review books right now. But I will post soon, I promise!

3 thoughts on “One Week Down, Three Years To Go”

    1. Yeah, I’m definitely focusing more on uni. I think I just need to find a routine, because I do really want to make sure I have time to blog sometimes. πŸ™‚

      1. yeah that’s what I wound up doing when I started uni…once you get into a routine, you’ll be fine πŸ™‚

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