Settling Into Uni

I’ve been at uni for a week now. And it has been one crazy week considering it’s freshers. There’s been so much going on, and even though I’m not a party girl who stays up until two in the morning, I’ve still been having a great time. It’s so weird actually living away from home though – it kind of feels like this is a temporary sort of thing and I’ll be going home soon. Clearly though, I won’t be, because I have lectures starting on Monday!

University so far though has definitely been a strange experience. I know it’s only been a week but it’s so different. For one, I’m living with twelve people that I didn’t know existed before last Saturday. Isn’t it crazy? Thankfully, they’re all lovely, and we all get on really well. Another thing is the fact that I actually have to cook. I’ll admit, I am really lazy when it comes to cooking because I don’t enjoy doing it, so it’s pretty much been pasta and soup all week. (And it definitely doesn’t help when everybody is trying to cook at the same time.) You can live off pasta though, right?

I’ve got say, I am missing my bookshelf. I currently have about four books in my room and it’s really sad. (Look, it’s terrible.) I need more in here! I definitely plan on getting my parents to bring some more up when they come and visit. I want my favourites on my bookshelf! Oh well, at least I have a nook with me. And it’s forcing me to read review books, which is a very good thing.

I’m curious though, did you guys have a lot of books right from the start with you at uni? Or did the collection casually grow the longer you were there? Also, I need ideas for food. Anybody got any favourite student meals?


4 thoughts on “Settling Into Uni

  1. You can get student cookbooks for like £2 at asda, which is handy. Pasta, Rice, Soup are the three main food groups of students (Alcohol is probably the fourth haha)

    1. Yeah, I’ve got a cook book which I haven’t used yet (plus most of it’s recipes serve about four which is awkward). Pasta is definitely my main meal though at the moment. 🙂

  2. I practically stopped reading the entire time I was at uni – so you’re doing better than me already! I did read some fiction, but I couldn’t say how many. With text books, required reading, research papers and whatnot, I didn’t want to LOOK at a book for a while after graduation. I’ve been restored to my previous bookish ways now of course, but during Uni you read enough without loading your brain with fiction too, so don’t worry if you slow down a bit! R x

    1. I don’t have that much reading at the moment because I’m studying maths, so I think reading fiction is going to be a really nice break from doing a lot of sums! I won’t be surprised if I slow down a lot though in the next few weeks. 🙂

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