Welcome to my Bookshelf!

You may already know that I went up to uni yesterday and moved into my acommodation. Before leaving, however, I realised that I’ve never shared pictures of my bookshelves on here so what a great way to make feel just a little homesick, right? I apologise in advance for the terrible quality of some of the photos – I am not a brilliant photographer.

Classics/Favourites – The Fault in Our Stars is missing from the middle
DISNEY! Also, The Lunar Chronicles and some other DVD’s
A really random, colourful shelf – Allegiant is missing though
Basically the Rick Riordan shelf, along with some others
Beginning of bookshelf number two
Mostly historical stuff
Entering fantasy land
Even more fantasy! (And Agatha Christie hiding behind it)
I can’t take a proper picture of this shelf, but it’s mostly spies and criminals

And that is pretty much my bookshelf! All my shelves have two rows on them so half my books can’t be seen sadly. But most of the front books are favourites, so it’s not too bad. I really need more shelves though!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to my Bookshelf!”

  1. haha dreading having to leave mine behind for like 6 months if I get this job- and then I’ll have to move them all down with me when I move *again*!! They can be such a comfort object just to look at!

    1. I already miss them and I’ve only been gone a day. And moving books is such a pain! Good luck with the job. 🙂

      1. ta haha it’s been over a month and I’ve still not heard back officially (they are delayed for some reason)

        are you going to make trips home and rotate what books you have with you? X3

      2. I hope you hear back soon. 🙂

        Umm, I’ve got some of my tbr books with me so I’ll probably rotate those. And I might grab some favourites too when I go home.

  2. So many books! :O
    It makes my bookshelf look like a baby in comparison, lawl.
    Seeing those HP books brings back all the feels… I definitely need to have a copy of all seven Harry Potter books, and also need to do a re-read sometime soon, hehe.

    1. I think I have a problem when it comes to buying books! 😀 I really want to reread the HP books but I never seem to have time to read them all together.

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