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Thoughts On: Guardians of the Galaxy

GuardiansoftheGalaxyI had no idea what to expect when I saw this film. I’d seen the trailer once, a while back, and thought it all looked rather strange. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to see it. However, it’s Marvel and therefore it must be pretty good. And it was. I had so much fun watching this film. To start with, I really didn’t think that I was going to enjoy it, but I really did.

It had a great mix of humour and action. I laughed a lot in this film (and shed a few tears), but I mainly laughed. Seriously, it’s funny. Especially main character Peter Quill (or Starlord), portrayed by Chris Pratt. He was brilliant in the film and every scene with him in, which was most of them, were usually a lot of fun.

I also mentioned that there’s action in this film, and it’s true. There are some great fight scenes. Like fights in space! With spaceships and cool space battle techniques! Also, there are fun gadgets invented by Rocket, the raccoon on the poster. He’s another fun character. This film is basically full of great characters. I mean, there’s Drax, a thug who seems to have swallowed a dictionary, and Gamora, an amazing assassin.

However, I have two favourite things about this film – the music, and Groot. I really liked the use of music in this film, especially in the opening scene and at the end. Groot probably makes less sense to those who haven’t seen it, but trust me. You’ll fall in love with him because he’s a total sweetheart. Really, you should just go and see the film because of him. Actually, just go and see the film anyway.

Have you seen the film? Isn’t Groot adorable?


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