round up

July 2014 Round Up

I didn’t really do much at all this month in my actual life. It’s been a lot of relaxing after exams, although I did have a crazy week in West Wales with my friends. That was a lot of fun, even though we all managed to get sunburnt!

Blogging-wise, I’ve done a lot more. My first review this month was Shiver, which didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I also reviewed Code Name Veritywhich gave me a lot of feelings and I reviewed Deep Blue, which could have been better. Touch of Power and Scent of Magic were both very good reads, and great books by Maria V. Snyder. The Young World was a fun, apocalyptic sort of book, and Linger was a very good sequel to Shiver. I also shared my thoughts on How to Train Your Dragon 2, which was awesome.

I told you guys what my favourite classics were, which characters I’d want with me on a deserted island, and which authors take up the most of my bookshelf. I also shared my favourite tv shows. On my wishlist this month were Landline (which I have signed), We Were Liars (which I now own), If I Stay (which I also own) and The 100.

I also looked at the UK cover of The Blood of Olympus, and the story of Manawydan.

What did you do this month?


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