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Review: Deep Blue (Waterfire Saga #1)

Jennifer Donnelly - Deep Blue

The first in a series of four epic tales set in the depths of the ocean, where six mermaids seek to protect and save their hidden world.

Deep in the ocean, in a world not so different from our own, live the merpeople. Their communities are spread throughout the oceans, seas, and freshwaters all over the globe.

When Serafina, a mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, awakens on the morning of her betrothal, her biggest worry should be winning the love of handsome Prince Mahdi. And yet Sera finds herself haunted by strange dreams that foretell the return of an ancient evil. Her dark premonitions are confirmed when an assassin’s arrow poisons Sera’s mother. Now, Serafina must embark on a quest to find the assassin’s master and prevent a war between the Mer nations. Led only by her shadowy dreams, Sera searches for five other mermaid heroines who are scattered across the six seas. Together, they will form an unbreakable bond of sisterhood and uncover a conspiracy that threatens their world’s very existence.

This book is about mermaids. Mermaids, as we all know, are awesome. I was really hoping that this book would be as brilliant as it sounded, but it wasn’t. I’m not saying it was terrible or anything, and there were lots of little things that I liked, but it was all sort of meh.

The writing was definitely one of the things that didn’t draw me in. I found it very uninteresting. On the other hand, I really liked all of the little details about the world. Donnelly clearly put a lot of effort into the world-building, and it payed off. Finding out little facts about the world was definitely one of the things that I enjoyed the most. However, it did feel that there was too much information sometimes, especially in the first chapter. It had so much politics about strangely-named merplaces and I was completely lost. Thankfully, everything was a lot clearer after that.

On the character side of things, I didn’t really grow particularly attached to anybody, although there were some characters that I did like, such as Ava, Becca and Astrid. The main character, Sera, had an interesting story and I did quite like her. In my mind, she’s sort of involved in a love triangle in this book, but I was so happy that romance didn’t take over. To be honest, the main love interest, Mahdi, disappeared from the story very early on, as did the other love interest that turned up later. At least, I’m assuming that he was a love interest.

I’ll admit, I was hoping for more from this book because I love mermaids, but it was an alright read and I suggest having a look at it if you’re a really big fan of mermaids.


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