round up

June 2014 Round Up

June was a busy month filled with blogging and exams. Thankfully, I finished my exams last week so I can focus on blogging again! Not that I ever really stopped blogging – I did far too much when I was meant to be revising.

At the beginning of the month, I reviewed City of Heavenly Fire, which was actually a slightly disappointing read. I reread Among Thieves, which was just as fun as the first time and I really enjoyed J. K. Rowling’s crime novel, The Cuckoo’s CallingI also read Smart, which gave me a lot of feelings, and an interesting take on Snow White’s story called Poison. My favourite read this month was Unbreakable, which was awesome, but I couldn’t finish The Mark of the TalaI also shared my thoughts on The Fault in Our Stars film.

I made lists about the books in my beach bag, my favourite reads so far this year and I also looked at what was on my summer TBR this year. There were also some books that I wished I could have – My True Love Gave to Me looks incredibly adorable, The Silkworm sounds awesome and I’m so excited about Ruin and Rising.

Finally, I looked at a couple of stories from Welsh mythology – Pwyll and Branwen.

What did you do this month?


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