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DNF: The Mark of the Tala (The Twelve Kingdoms #1)

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Sometimes I find it hard to write a proper review for a book, whether it’s because it’s really long or it’s a novella or because I just couldn’t finish the book. This review is the third type. I just couldn’t carry on reading The Mark of the Tala, so here’s my DNF review (which, by the way, is my first DNF on the blog!)

Jeffe Kennedy - The Mark of the Tala

The tales tell of three sisters, daughters of the high king. The eldest, a valiant warrior-woman, heir to the kingdom. The youngest, the sweet beauty with her Prince Charming. No one says much about the middle princess, Andromeda. Andi, the other one.

Andi doesn’t mind being invisible. She enjoys the company of her horse more than court, and she has a way of blending into the shadows. Until the day she meets a strange man riding, who keeps company with wolves and ravens, who rules a land of shapeshifters and demons. A country she’d thought was no more than legend–until he claims her as its queen.

In a moment everything changes: Her father, the wise king, becomes a warlord, suspicious and strategic. Whispers call her dead mother a traitor and a witch. Andi doesn’t know if her own instincts can be trusted, as visions appear to her and her body begins to rebel.

For Andi, the time to learn her true nature has come. . .

I received a review copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The main reason that I DNF’d this book was because nothing was happening. Nothing at all. It got annoyingly slow, and I couldn’t cope with the repetitive traveling where nothing was happening. There was a series of chapters which was just riding and sex scenes, and I had to give up on the book. My other problem with the book was the relationship between the main character, Andi, and creepy shapeshifter Rayfe. He pretty much forces her to marry him and she’s cool with it, but I couldn’t get behind their relationship at all. I did like the fact that Andi was trying to do the right thing for her kingdom, but I hated the relationship of Andi and Rayfe. It was a huge turn off in the book.

This book wasn’t all bad though. There were some great characters, such as Ursula (Andi’s sister) who I wish there was more of. I also wish there was more about the world in this book, because I found it really interesting (especially the backstory of the kingdom). I’m sure that there was a lot more of this later in the book, and those were only the reasons that might have persuaded me to read on.

I wasn’t a fan of this book at all, but this is just my opinion and if you’re interested in the book, you should check it out.


4 thoughts on “DNF: The Mark of the Tala (The Twelve Kingdoms #1)”

  1. I finished reading The Mark of the Tala this morning, and I did like the book. It wasn’t perfect (and you’re right, the pacing did seem a bit off), but I enjoyed Andi’s gradual revelations about the nature of the Tala, and I thought it worked pretty well for light summer reading.

    1. I did want to carry on reading to find out more about the Tala, and it definitely seems like a good summer read. I just wish I liked the book more.

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