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Top Ten Tuesday: My Summer TBR


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and involves making a lists about a certain topic. And who doesn’t like making lists, right?

Top Ten Books On My Summer TBR List

A lot of people tend to read light, contemporary books over the summer. I do do that sometimes. However, I also love reading huge fantasy books on the beach, so my list is going to be a strange mix of books.

Robert Jordan - Winter's Heart

1. Winter’s Heart (Wheel of Time #9) by Robert Jordan

This was on my spring TBR list, but I never got round to reading it. I’m being slight put off it by the fact that it’s about 800 pages!

Brandon Sanderson - The Final Empire

2. The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson

Yet another off my spring TBR which I haven’t read yet. I’m really excited about it though because I’ve loved every book by Sanderson that I’ve read so far.

Maria V Snyder - Touch of Power

3. Touch of Power (Healer #1) by Maria V. Snyder

Guess what? I planned on reading this in the spring too. It looks really good though.

John Green - Paper Towns

4. Paper Towns by John Green

I promise, this is the last one that I didn’t get to in the spring. I really feel like I do need to read more John Green though.

E Lockhart - We Were Liars

5. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

I’m planning on buying We Were Liars this month because everybody’s been talking about.

Ava Dellaira - Love Letters to the Dead

6. Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira

This one looks really interesting, and the cover is so pretty!

Yelena Black - Dance of Shadows

7. Dance of Shadows (Dance of Shadows #1) by Yelena Black

This is another book which has an awesome cover, and it looks really good too.

Maggie Stiefvater - Shiver

8. Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #1) by Maggie Stiefvater

I’ve actually started reading this one, and I’m really enjoying it.

Stephanie Perkins - Isla and the Happily Ever After

9. Isla and the Happily Ever After (Anna and the French Kiss #3) by Stephanie Perkins

This is released on August 14th, and I’m so excited about it! I loved the first two books in the series so I can’t wait to read Isla’s story.

Rainbow Rowell - Landline

10. Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Landline’s released on July 3rd and I’m really looking forward to it. I really enjoyed Rainbow Rowell’s other books.

What’s on your summer TBR list?

31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Summer TBR”

    1. Maria V. Snyder’s books are great, and I’ve quite a few of her books to catch up with. I’m really excited about Landline!

  1. I just finished the Mistborn trilogy and I absolutely loved it. So well-written, and a wonderful, original take on magic. This is a great list, some recs here I’ll definitely be checking out for my summer reading!

    1. I loved Brandon Sanderson’s other books so I can’t wait to read it. It sounds amazing!

  2. Is this fantasy-heavy or is it just fantasy-heavy to a fantasy-scaredy-cat like me???

    Paper Towns was good, but it wasn’t my favourite JG book. I think I gave it 3/5. I LOVED Shiver and that whole Wolves of Mercy Falls series. It was a keeper. If I keep books on my shelf they are well loved. If not, off to the Charity Shop they go!

    R x

    1. I’m a huge fan of fantasy, so there’s quite a lot on my list!

      I’ve seen mixed reviews about Paper Towns, so it’ll be interesting to read it. A friend recommended Shiver to me (because I LOVED The Raven Boys) and I’m enjoying it so far. I am finding Sam and Grace’s relationship a little strange though.

      I do exactly the same with my books (I have about three piles of books in my room which are meant to be on their way to a charity shop at some point!)

      1. I keep threatening to dip my toes in heavier fantasy novels, which is why I impulse bought all 7 GOT books… but haven’t read any of them yet…

        I’ve read that people who love The Raven Boys prefer it to TWOMF, apparently her writing gets better, which is fine by me because I really liked her first series. It can be a little odd at the start, but it develops, promise!

        Haha I’m the same, I think I hold on to them for a little while first before passing them on to a good home!

      2. GoT is worth the read, although they do take a while to get through. The’re great reads! I tend to be put off a bit by the length of fantasy books though, just because I don’t have the time to read them.

        Yeah, I think her writing probably is better in The Raven Boys, and I’m definitely getting into Shiver now.

  3. Mistborn is on my TBR list too – I’m glad to hear you liked Sanderson’s other books, that’s a good sign for this one. Also, I somehow did not realized that Rowell’s next book comes out this summer – I am so excited now! 😀

    1. Sanderson’s other books were really good, so I have high hopes for Mistborn. Same, I’m really excited about Landline!

    1. I’m really excited about We Were Liars. I’m enjoying Shiver so far, although I think The Raven Boys is still my favourite series by Maggie Stiefvater.

    1. Definitely! I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t finish this TBR list.

      I think the fact that I keep seeing so much of We Were Liars is making me want to read it, and I really want to know what actually happens in it.

  4. After reading The Fault in Our Stars last week, I really want to read more of John Green’s books! I have Paper Towns on my TBR pile waiting to be read, so I must definitely try and get to that soon. I love the cover for Dance of Shadows and I really want to read We Were Liars and Shiver, as well! 🙂

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My TTT Post!

    1. Quite a lot of people have said that Paper Towns is really good, so I want to get round to reading it really soon. I’m slightly worried it won’t be as good as The Fault in Our Stars though. 🙂

      Same, I really love the Dance of Shadows cover, and We Were Liars sounds so good!

    1. Same – I can’t wait to read Isla and Landline! Love Letters looks really good, so I really want to read it this summer.

  5. Great picks! I hope you love We Were Liars, that’s one of my top reads of the year so far. I can’t wait to read Love Letters to the Dead, it looks so good. I have Landline and I’m excited to get to that because the whole premise is so interesting. I hope you find the time to get to them all 🙂

    1. Everybody’s been saying the same about We Were Liars so I can’t wait to read it! Love Letters to the Dead does look really good, and I love the idea of writing letters to the dead.
      You’re so lucky you’ve got Landline! I hope you enjoy it. 😀

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