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May 2014 Round Up

I did quite a bit of blogging this month after a bit of a slump during April. To be honest, I blogged a lot more than I should have considering that I’ve got exams starting on Monday!

I reviewed quite a few books this month:- The Darkest Minds was an interesting read, although it didn’t quite live up to the hype. Siege and Storm was brilliant, and The Diamond Thief was a fun adventure set in Victorian London. I really enjoyed Prince of Shadows and Troubadour had a lovely story. Crusade had a beautiful friendship and Renegade was a fun time travel story. Finally, Dreams of Gods and Monsters was just perfect. All in all, I had a very good reading month!

I took part in a few Top Ten Tuesdays this week too. At the beginning of May, I looked at some of my favourite book covers, and then I chose some of my favourite friendships from books. And this week I chose my top ten characters that I’d want in a zombie apocalypse.

There were quite a few books on my wishlist this month too. I really want to read Sworn in SteelThief’s Magic and Rivers of London. Also on my wishlist was City of Heavenly Fire, but that arrived in the post on Wednesday and I really enjoyed it! I looked at some of my favourite covers too this month, and they were Heir of FireBlue Lily, Lily Blue and The Blood of Olympus.

Also, I started doing Tales of the Mabinogi this month, where I look at Welsh mythology. Although I haven’t had a chance to post many, I did make one post about Culhwch and Olwen.

What did you do this month?


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