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Review: The Diamond Thief

Sharon Gosling - The Diamond Thief

By day Rémy Brunel is a daring circus acrobat, by night she is an equally talented jewel thief currently assigned to steal a famous diamond in Victorian London–but when the theft goes wrong she finds herself allied with a young policeman as they try to find the elusive gem.

I recieved a review copy of this book via NetGalley.

I was really excited about reading this – a jewel thief in a steampunk Victorian London? It sounds exactly like my kind of book. And I did enjoy it, although I was a little disappointed by it at times. It was a fun read though with a great story where a lot happened. This book had a lot going on and it all happened at quite a fast pace which worked well in this book. It was hard to stop reading towards the end because of the amount of action in the book, and because of the amount of things that happen in just one chapter.

So, the story and the writing was great – my main problem was the characters. At the beginning, I couldn’t connect to Remy, our main character. She seemed interesting but I just didn’t enjoy reading her parts of the book at that much. However, by the end, I grew to love her and her personality. I totally changed my mind about how I felt because of the way she acted and the way she was so ready to help anybody who needed her.

On the other hand, I loved Thaddeus from the beginning, a young policeman who was meant to be guarding the diamond Remy tries to steal. He seemed like exactly the sort of character I always fall in love with, and I really liked how enthusiastic he was about his friend’s inventions. However, as the book went on, Thaddeus began to annoy me more and more. The main reason for this? Instalove. He’d started out as a good, sensible policemen, but by the end he was making stupid decisions because he was in love with Remy. It didn’t seem at in character with the Thaddeus that we meet at the beginning.

Overall, I did like this book but there were some things that just let it down. But I would recommend it, because it’s a fun, light read with a great story.

3 thoughts on “Review: The Diamond Thief”

  1. This looks interesting, I haven’t heard of it before! I’m going to add it to my wishlist!

    Nice review! I hate instalove too. 🙂

    1. I enjoyed it, especially the whole steampunk setting that was going on, so I’d recommend it. 🙂

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