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Cover Love: Heir of Fire

Cover Love

This is my sometimes weekly post where I look at a particular book cover. A few weeks ago, the cover of Heir of Fire, book three in Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series, was released, and it’s amazing!

Sarah J Maas - Heir of Fire - UK

Look how pretty it is! This is the UK cover and I’m in love with it. (The US cover is very similar, it just has a different background). Anyway, seeing as this has made me crazily excited about this book, especially because of that tagline at the top. What does it mean? Also, look at Celaena’s dress – it’s so cool and detailed and I’m just really excited so please excuse the fangirling!

If you’re interested, Sarah J. Maas made a blog post about the covers on her blog.

Heir of Fire will be released in September 2014.


5 thoughts on “Cover Love: Heir of Fire

  1. Book 3 is on its way already? Yikes, I should get to book two.

    And I’m with Hanna, I love what she’s wearing! I want something like it…though I imagine the only place I can pull off something like that would be at a convention or something.

    1. Yeah, Heir of Fire is out in September, so you should definitely read the second book!

      I love what she’s wearing, and it would be so cool to able to wear something like that to a convention. 🙂

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