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Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons I Love Being a Blogger/Reader


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

This week, I decided to split my post in half – five points for being a blogger and the other five for being a reader. I’m pretty sure my list could be longer, but I’ll stick to the ten points I’ve got!


1. One of the things I love about blogging is finding out about books I haven’t heard of before. My TBR list has grown so much since starting to blog, and blogging basically introduced me to the world of contemporary YA.

2. I love being able to discuss books with people. Although my friends have read some of the same books as me, they haven’t read all of them, and so it’s great being able to chat with other bloggers about the books I loved.

3. There’s so much excitement when a new book in a series comes out! I just really liked reading the blog tours and seeing reviews gradually being released about the book.

4. Blogging helps me keep up to date with new books that are coming out. I used to be terrible about keeping track of debuts, but I’m far better now and it’s so much easier knowing when things come out.

5. It’s so good to know that other people are just as obsessed with books as I am. And it’s awesome being able to interact with all those people!


6. Reading lets me visit so many places, and I really love the books that take me to places that I want to visit anyway, like America.I just love imagining all these places in books, and it makes me want to visit them even more.

7. Also, falling in love with characters is another great thing about being a reader. There are so many book characters that I want to be friends with, and the only bad part is that they’re fictional!

8. Bookshops. Also, libraries.

9. On a similar note, hardback copies of books. Especially the really pretty ones that are being released at the moment.

10. Lending books to people. I really like being able to share my favourites with my friends and seeing their reactions to different parts.

What are your favourite things about being a blogger and a reader?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons I Love Being a Blogger/Reader

  1. I totally agree with number four. I used to be horrible with finding out when new books were coming out, but ever since I got a blog I’m pretty up-to-date on that stuff. Discussing books and lending books to people are always great.
    Unfortunately, a lot of my friends at school don’t really read the same genres as me, so I rarely get to share books with them (also because I dont really own that many–my library is slowly growing though!)

    Nice post! 🙂

    1. My friends are all almost as obsessed with reading as I am, so half of our conversations tend to revolve around books. Plus they usually turn to me as their own library, because I have a ridiculous amount of books! But it’s really nice going online and chatting to people about books too though. 🙂

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