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Review: A Million Suns (Across the Universe #2)

Beth Revis - A Million Suns

Trapped on board the spaceship Godspeed, Amy trusts no-one. 

The ship’s ruler is dead and a rebellion threatens. Amy wants to help Elder as he tries to take charge, but she’s torn between her feelings for him and the chaos that’s pulling everything apart. As more harrowing discoveries are made about Godspeed, Amy is caught in a desperate race to unravel its secrets. Only one thing is certain. 

They have to get off this ship. 

The heart-stopping sequel to Across the Universe: a story of love, murder and madness – set in space.

A Million Suns is the second book in the Across the Universe series, and it tells the story of Amy and Elder after the death of Eldest. I’d enjoyed the first book in the series and because this was in the library, I figured I’d give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t fall in love with this book, but I did enjoy it, especially towards the end.

I felt that the plot of this book started off quite slowly, but then sped up a lot towards the end as more happened and was a lot more interesting. A lot of this book was based around the mystery of the ship and that was so interesting, and there were some really unexpected plot twists, especially the one concerning the villain.And the way this book ended really makes me want to read the final book, just to see what things are like.

I also quite liked the setting. The only place that we see in this book is the ship that Amy and Elder are traveling on. Everything’s very enclosed and close together, and it sounds like such a strange place to live, especially when Amy starts comparing it to her home. However, although I liked the idea of the setting, I could never really imagine the whole of it. It’s described as looking a lot like hills – it has a city area, rolling hills and farmland. I never managed to picture it.

I also had a problem with Amy. Sometimes I liked her, sometimes I didn’t, and I just couldn’t figure out her character. Just as I started to warm to her towards the end, her personality seems to change for a bit because she doesn’t get her own way. I understand her reasons behind her annoyance, but it didn’t seem like her. I just never felt for her in anyway in the book. Similarly, I never felt anything for Elder’s character, although I did like him a lot more than Amy. I don’t know, the characters in this book just didn’t feel particularly real to me. It’s the one thing that I’m not so keen on in the series.

The other thing that annoyed me, and it should be something minor, is the amount of times the characters’ say “frex”. It’s the book’s version of swearing and it just annoys me so much, even though it shouldn’t. However, I mentioned that in my review of the first book so I’ll shut up.

Overall, I did like this book and I’ll be reading the next one to see what happens with the ship and the characters and other events. I’d recommend this book to fans of sci-fi and romance.

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