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Cover Love: Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Cover Love


This is the weekly-ish feature that I do where I have a look at a cover that’s caught my attention recently. This week, it’s Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor. The UK cover was released at the end of January, and it’s so pretty. The US version was also released a bit before that, and here it is.

Laini Taylor - Dreams of Gods and Monsters US


The US cover is so pretty! It’s all mysterious and dark, and the colour scheme makes it look amazing. The antlers also look great and I’m guessing they symbolise Madrigal and Ziri. The title also looks great, and I’m a little jealous that I won’t get to own this copy of the book.

Laini Taylor - Dreams of Gods and Monsters


However, I will be getting this version of the book, and I really love it! The amount of birds on the cover just make it look really interesting, and the blues are really pretty. It’s really simple and elegant and I’m really excited about reading this book! It comes out on the 17th of April this year.


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