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Cover Love: Elantris

Cover Love


Cover Love is the weekly feature where I have a look at one of my favourite book covers at the moment, maybe compare it to the US version, and basically fangirl a little about the book.

This week, I’m looking at the cover of Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. Elantris tells the story of Raoden, Crown Prince of Arelon, who has been turned into an Elantrian (which isn’t a good thing), and Princess Sarene of Teod who was meant to marry Raoden, and is now considered his widow. It’s pretty hard talking about this book without giving some of the plot away, so I suggest you check out my review and read the book. Because the book is awesome.

Brandon Sanderson - Elantris - US

This is the US cover of Elantris, which is a pretty typical fantasy cover. It does make the book look really cool, because I’m pretty sure it shows Sarene standing outside of Elantris, and Sarene looks awesome. Also, I like the fact that Hrathen is just standing there looking creepy. At least, I think it’s Hrathen. The illustration is really nice as well.

Brandon Sanderson - Elantris

However, I’m in love with the UK cover, which is the one that I own. It’s so pretty and swirly. It makes Elantris look really mysterious, and I love the fact that it’s got Sarene running into this huge, creepy place which seems have strange green light coming out of it. It just looks so cool. Also, I’m a fan of all the UK Brandon Sanderson covers because they all match really nice. It’s all done in the same sort of style and it looks awesome!

What are your thoughts on the covers? Which do you rather?


2 thoughts on “Cover Love: Elantris

  1. Cool post. I’m definitely going to try to read Elantris whenever I have the chance. But for Sanderson’s books, I still have the mistborn series, the rithmatist, the way of kings and maybe steelheart to get through. So many books! But he’s awesome. XD

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